Hello All!

As the blog title suggests this blog is about Sri Vaishnavam, but unlike other blogs this blog wouldn’t feauture new articles written by the author. This blog will act more like a source of information on whats happening in the Sir Vaishnava world.

This blog will be updated regularly and utmost importance given to quality of content as well as design. The author feels that inspite of many sites and blogs on Sri Vaishnavam, very few have the technical & design finesse. Sri Vaishnavam defenitely needs a top notch website. This blog is a pre-cursor to a full fledged website on Sri Vaishnavam.

Feel free to send in your comments to RAMANUJAdasan@live.in


3 thoughts on “Hello All!

  1. swameer,

    I happened see this site.

    read the translation on Gita.

    sahasrapranamas for making it available.

    kudos to the quality of translation.

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