Kurukai Kavalapar Thirunakshatram

Today is the Thirunakshatram of Kurukai Kavalapar, one among the 2 major disciples (sishya) of Sri Nadhamunigal. Sri UyyaKondar was the other disciple. Here is a small incident from the life of Kurukai Kavalapar.

Sri Nadhamunigal wanted to teach Ashtanga Yogato Kurukai Kavalapar before he left for heavenly abode (Before Kurukai Kvalapar, Sri UyyaKondar had politely refused to learn it from Sri Nadhamunigal). Foreseeing that his time (for parampadham) was nearing Sri Nadhamunigal asked Kurukai Kavalapar to come on a particular day and learn the Ashtanga Yoga. Kurukai Kavalapar too accepted to come on the said day.

But as days went, Kurukai Kavalapar forgot about the promise he had made to Sri Nadhamunigal. As the said day was approaching, a hymn he was reading reminded him of the Lord’s temple in Thiruvananthapuram. Kurukai Kavalapar felt that the Lord wanted him to come to Thiruvanathapuram and so he immediately left. After he reached Thiruvananthapuram, the promise he had made to Sri Nadhamunigal suddenly struck his mind. He regreted having forgotten it and rushed back to meet Sri Nadhamunigal. But by the time he reached, Sri Nadhamunigal had already attained Parampadham.

 It is said that Sri Nadhamunigal was one of the last to follow Ashtanga Yoga in Sri Vaishnavam.


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