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This is what we have been waiting for long – a well designed & engaging site on Sri Vaishnavam. As the name implies this is the site of the Kinchitkaram Trust of Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy. Stuff like Quiz add to the interest of the viewers. The Guruparampara (in a slideshow format) in the home page is a well thought-out addition. The colour scheme is simple and pleasing. Defenitely lot of thinking has gone into construction of the site. To put simply, the site is very engaging and shows a lot of promise. Many pages are still under construction and once the site is complete the depth of content will be known. Anyway we have no doubt that this site is going to come out very good. And one more fact to be appreciated is that a professional agency has been employed to design the site. 

Now a few things where the site can be improved upon. 1) This is one of the few sites on Sri Vaishnavam that have animation, but the quality of animation is not so good.  2) The site works only in Internet Explorer, it doesn’t at all work (except the home page) in other browsers like Opera. 3) The photos section can be improved with more sections and better quality photos.

Everyone reading, please visit the site and drop your comments.


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