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When you first visit the site you get a feeling that this is just another site on Sri Vaishnavam which has less content and has not been updated for long. But just dig deeper and you will find an amazingly rich collection of Books, e-Books, Audios, Videos, Photographs, Calenders and even Screen-savers. Dig in and you are sure to find more. Listed below are few amongst the many pages in the site.

Acharyas – Contains Oranvazhi Acharya paramparai. In the list, a few names are links. Clicking these links will take you to a page which contains the list of works of the relevant person, Images and also some of their works in e-book format.

Anandazhvan – Contains many images, Taniyans, Works of Sri Anadazhvan.

Anubhavams – This page contains images of many Divyadesams, Abhimana stalams & Utsavams. I suppose its the photographs taken by the author when he visited the places. The pages are in a blog format.

Articles – Contains many articles (mostly in English) like A Day in the Life of Our Acharyas, Bhattar’s Ten Words, Embar’s Ten Words, Who is a Srivaishnava?, Special Significance of Kaishika Ekadasi and many such valuable articles. 

Kramams – Contains e-Books on Sri Vaishnava Kramams like Thiruvaradhana Kramam at home, Kovil Thirumanjana Kramam & Thiruvaradhana Pasurangal. All these are greatly valuable for people who have not got the opportunity to learn the Kramams from their elders.

Divyaprabandham – This page contains links to e-Books of MudhalAyiram, IrandamAyiram, MundramAyiram, NaangamAyiram, Kovil Thiruvaimozhi and more. Its hard to think how the Site Owner managed to get all these.

I finally learnt about the site owner and was awestruck. The site owner is a descendant of Sri Thirumalai Anandazhvan family who was a direct disciple of the great Sri Ramanuja. He is Sri TCA Venkatesan from Detroit (USA) and he considers his site to be a “little drop in the ocean”. But his liitle drop is a shining large one that stands apart.

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12 thoughts on “Found Site :

  1. Sri Krishna, It is my pleasure to offer my humble obesences to the feet of all the vaishnavas. i have some of the spiritual doubts in related to srimad bhagavatam. while we are hearing velukkudi krishna swami class in dubai swami ask us to write the doubts if any. please advice me waht is the mail id or website i can clarify.

    or my doubts is
    1. What is avatar of lord sri krishna? and what is expansion? What is incarnation? When lord will expand?when lord will take avatar?when lord will take incarnation? what is the purpose of expansion,avatar and incarnation?

    Thank u very much in advance if u can help me to clarify my doubts.

    Ramesh Govindasamy
    Middle East

    Your words are very humbling swamy. Its a way a Sri Vaishnava should live, Adiyars’ Adiyar. With regards to your question, you can post your questions in the Questions & Answer’s section of Velukkudi Swami’s website itself – You can also refer to the Sri Vaishnava e-book page of this blog too, where we have a collection of 500 Questions answered by Velukkudi Swami.

    Answering to your doubt with the little knowledge I have, Sri Krishna is an avatar of Sriman Narayana. As said by Sri Krishna in the Gita, whenever evil covers this world and the followers of the God are threatened, Sriman Narayana comes down to Earth to redeem Goodness and save his followers.

    While the word Avatar is used for God’s, incarnation is a general term used for all celestial beings born with a body. I couldn’t understand what you mean by expansion.


  2. It was a pleasant surprise for me when i visit this
    site. I was looking for Nalayairam Divyaprabandam.
    I am very happy to see in tamil in pdf format.
    So I and the people like me are vey much thankful to you
    a lot and what you have done is a great work submitted
    to Sriman Narayana. I read the divya prabandam, but I don’t know music or raghas. Is it better to sing in raghas specified for each song ? If so, what is the remedy?

    Thanking you

    Oom Namo Narayana


    Swami, is a wonderful site with really a huge amount of content. The more we explore, the more content we find. All Credits to Sri TCA Venkatesan, the person behind the wonderful site.

    With Regards to your doubt, its not mandatory to sing the Divya Prabandhams, you can just read it with devotion it if you are unable to sing. Still, if you are interested in learning about them, the Arayar Swamis (Descendants of Sri Nadhamuni) in many divyadesams will be very glad to help you. If you are nearby any Divyadesams, you can see the Raapathu & Pagalpathu (Arayar Swamigals sing the Divyaprabhandhams in tunes set by Sri Nadhamunigal) Ghosti held during utsavams.


  3. Please advise how can i contact the Thirumangai Alwar Temple to make some special pooja /Annathanam Arrangements during my forthcoming trip to Sirkali/India. Is there anyone in particular I can contact on my request. Thanks

    UPDATED I suppose you are referring to Thiruvaali Thirunagari Divyadesams, the birthplace of Thirumangai Alwar. Unfortunately the region around the divyadesm is under-developed and has few places for a comfortable stay. One Bagavatha, Sri Paragaala Swami has built a Ramanuja Koodam (resting place) for devotees visiting Thiruvali Thirunagari, especially during the Garuda Seva. He will be definitely be able to help you : 91 – 422 – 2433458

    The following link can also be helpful for you –

  4. your site is sighted. Fine. The script of Dhivya prabhandam is very easy to read. There are large number of retired people who cannot see in the books due to small letters. If they view in the system they will be able to see and chant too. I mean people who are preoccupied in official duties and not accustomed to go to ghoshti. A fine site. I adore you very much. Hats off to the concerned.
    R Soundara Rajan

    • ” A fine site. I adore you very much. Hats off to the concerned.” !!!!!!….. Adiyen too Loves to join you in Sharing the Sentiment which he himself could not do so for want of good command on the allien toungue-English !…:-))

  5. I was a regular visitor of The site and I was learning a lot from here. Seems like the site just got shutdown. Have the contents been moved somewhere else? The details on Thirukkurundhandagam, thirunedundhandagam and several other prabhandams by Sri TCA Venkatesan swamy were really great. I would appreciate if we know the alternate site where the content has been moved to.

    • It’s for sure a wonderful site. I just saw that the site is down. Probably the site is been updated. I have e-mailed the site’s author. Will keep you posted about it when I get an reply. Thank you for sharing the info.

      Adiyean Dasan.

  6. The Nalayira Divya prabandham book in this website is simple and every one can read , so give me the address of the publisher or shop to purchese kindly do the needful

    • Yes Swamy, the website is filled with more such wonderful books. The website is run by a descendant of Sri Thirumalai Anandazhvan family who was a direct disciple of the great Sri Ramanuja. He is Sri TCA Venkatesan from Detroit (USA).

      But I am not sure if the website offers Printed Books. Please contact the swami at

      Adiyean Dasan.

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