Book : Elevation to Krishna Consciousness


We all have read books from the ISKCON. Their books are genrally simple and easy to understand. This is a wonderful book that I came across.

Excerpt from Chapter One

“As human beings, we should be cognizant that we are suffering the pains of birth, old age, disease and death and should be inquisitive to know how to avoid these miseries. We have been suffering from the beginning of our birth when as a baby we were tightly placed for nine months in the womb of a mother. After birth, suffering continues; although a mother may take much care for her child, the baby still cries. Why? Because he is suffering. Either a bug is biting, or there is a pain in the stomach or some other malady. Whatever the case, the suffering goes on. The child also suffers when he is forced to go to school when he does not want to. The child does not want to study, but the teacher gives him tasks anyway. If we carefully analyze our lives, we will find that they are full of suffering. Generally speaking, conditioned souls are not very intelligent, and therefore they go on suffering without ever inquiring why. We should understand, however, that this suffering is there, and if there is a remedy we must take advantage of it.”

Publisher : The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust
Author : A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Price : Rs. 16
ISBN: 0-912776-43-9

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