A day in the life of our Acharyas

This article is from the site acharya.org. It is taken from the series in the site by name “A day in the life of our Acharyas”. The site contains more than 100 such small episodes. They are interesting to learn and at the same time they are small too. Featured below is one of the episodes.

One time Bhattar went out with Nanjeeyar and stopped in a village. There he stayed at a hunter’s home. The hunter made a cot and gave it to Bhattar so he could take some rest.

Sitting on it, Bhattar wondered “He did this not because he knows about us; not because he is filled with knowledge; and not because he got anything from us. He did this because of his affection for the fact that we entered his house. If that is the case with this hunter, then how much is the Lord considering those that have seeked Him?”

Send in your comments and we will search the web for you and post many such interesting articles from various Sri Vaishnava sites.


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