Kulasekhara Azhwar Thirunakshatram

Today is the thirunakshatram of Sri Kulasekhara Azhwar. He was a Chera king of the present day state of Kerala. He was born in Tiruvanjikalam. He has composed Perumal Thirumoli & Mukundamala. Here are few incidents from his life.

When he was a king he had many adiyars & bhagavathas visitng his palace. He enjoyed their company and always served them well. But this did not go well with his ministers & courtmen, who decided to do something in this regard. They hid a valuable vessel from the palace and complained to the king that the bhagavathas who come to see him have taken it. Kulasekhara Azhwar immediately swore that the bhagavathas were innocent. To prove this, he put his hand inside a pot with a Cobra in it saying that he would be bitten if his statement (that Bhagavatas were innocent) is false. The cobra didn’t bite him and he was saved, showing his faith in Lord and His devotees.

Once he was listening to a discourse on Ramayana. The lecturer was describing the battle of Sri Rama fighting alone with 14,000 Rakshasas in Janasthana. Azhvar, on hearing this, got up immediately and ordered his army to be ready to assist Sri Rama. The lecturer then explained that the Rakshasas were vanquished by Lord Sri Rama in the battle and everything was okay.

Written with reference from  http://vaishnavism.wordpress.com/2006/08/08/sri-kulashekhara-alvar/
For a detailed vaibhavam (life history) of Sri Kulasekhara Azhwar visit the following link http://alwarsandacharyas.blogspot.com/2007/02/kulasekhara-azwar.html

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