Pillai Urangavalli Dasar Thirunakshatram

Today is the thirunakshatram of Pillai Urangavalli Dasar, a desciple of Sri Ramanujar. When Sri Ramanuja saw him for the first time, Pillai Urangavalli Dasar was very much fond of his wife. He would spread a mat for her to walk and also hold an umbrella to protect her from sun. Sri Ramanuja was baffled by this and enquired him about doing so.  Urangavalli Dasar replied that he very much loved his wife’s beauty and her eyes especially. Ramanujar asked what would he do if he showed someone even more beautiful, to which Urangavalli Dasar replied that he would serve such a person throughout his life. Sri Ramanujar showed him Sri Ranganathar, the deity of Sri Rangam. Pillai Urangavalli Dasar was immediately moved by the Lord’s beauty and became his servant and also became a disciple of Sri Ramanuja.

Slowly Pillai Urangavalli Dasar became very proficient and learned in Sri Vaishnavam. He became one amongst the favourite disciple of Sri Ramanujar.


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