Significance of Panguni Uttiram

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy has written about the significance of Panguni Uttram in his site. Here is a portion from the article. Please read the complete article from the Swami’s site using the link given at the end.

Panguni Uttiram is one of the most significant days for every Sri vaishnava. It wins a unique place in many aspects of visishtadvaita philosophy and Srivaishnavism. It is also distinctly remembered along with Srirangam, the Bhooloka vaikuntham…

… Vibheeshana was returning to Lanka along with the vimana and on the way he noticed that panguni festival was due and there was not enough time to reach lanka. While flying above Srirangam he saw its serene beauty and decided to descend. He temporarily sanctified the vimana and Perumal in the island between kaveri on a saturday, the seventh day of the waxing moon, in the month of panguni when the moon was in rohini and guru was in revaty. It was then this deity became revered as Sri Ranganatha. After the festival, when vibheeshana was preparing to leave with the vimana, the then chola king Dharma varma pleaded to leave it along with Peria Perumal at Srirangam. Vibheeshana yielded when we realized that it was also the wish of Sri Ranganatha and Perumal promptly reciprocated by facing South towards lanka. From that day the reclining deity, Peria Perumal and the standing deity Namperumal along with Sri Ranga nachiar are bathing the devotees in spiritual ecstasy during the Panguni festival especially on the Uttiram day. Therefore, the dawn of Srirangam and Peria Perumal are profoundly related to Panguni uttiram.

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One thought on “Significance of Panguni Uttiram

  1. Hare Krishna,
    I visited this temple for the first time (I may have been there as a child but cant remember) last year and spent 2 days admiring everyone and everything at the temple. A great place to be! Tell me prabhuji, on the way to the main sanctorum, there is an area on the ground that has 3 little holes. I think it was three. Someone told me that it was made my Sri Maha Visnu or perhaps Maha Laxshmi. I cant remember who and what the story is behind this. Would you know?
    Hari Bol,

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