Swami Nanjeeyar Thirunakshatram (Tomorrow)

Tomorrow is the Thirunakshatram of Swami Sri Nanjeeyar. Tomorrow is also the Thirunakshatram of Periya Piratti, so we will have a brief episode from Nanjeeyars life today itself.

Sri Nanjeeyar was the disciple of Sri Parasara Bhattar, the son of Sri Kurattazhvan and the acharya of Sri Nampillai. He was the first acharya to write Vyakhyanams for both Thiruvaymozhi as well as prabandhams of other Azhvars. He was the first to write vyakhyanams in the style of explaining each word and phrase of the azhvars and quoting other acharyas in detailing their meanings.

Swami Nanjeeyar was born in Thirunarayanapuram (Melukotte). Nanjeeyar’s original name was Madhavacharyar. Since he had outstanding knowledge of the Vedantas, he was called as Vedanti and was renowned in the Advaitic tradition. Swami Ramanuja before leaving this world called Bhattar and told him about Vedanti and asked that Bhattar correct him and being him into the Srivaishnava samparadhayic fold. This shows the greatness of Nanjeeyar. Ramanuja had already done a similar act with the advaitin Yajnamurti, who was renamed Arulala Perumal Emperumanar. However, due to old age Ramanuja was unable to do the same with Madhavacharyar and therefore gave the task to Bhattar.

Bhattar met Nanjeeyar and they both debated for 10 days. At the end of 10 days Nanjeeyar accepted that Visishtadvaitam was the true philosophy. He surrendered at the divine feet of Bhattar who then performed pancha samskaram to him and returned to Srirangam.

The above article is written with reference from the site acharya.org. For a  detailed vaibhavam of Sri Nanjeeyar visit the following link http://www.acharya.org/acharya/nanjeeyar/snjv.html


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