Matrimonial service from Kinchitkaram Trust

Kinchitkaram trust has launched a matrimonial service called “Vivaham” through their website. This service is unique as it caters only to spiritually inclined people who would practice Sri Vaishnavam after marriage. The effort has to be appreciated as getting a like-minded partner is not very easy these days. Having a like-minded partner will be very useful in following Sri Vaishnava principles through out our life. This is a free service and anyone looking for a spiritually inclined life partner can sign up.

Link for the “Vivaham” page –

15 thoughts on “Matrimonial service from Kinchitkaram Trust

  1. Namaskaram,

    This is Raghuraman.C.R. I registered in Vivaham through

    KinchitKaram Website for my Daughter I forgot the

    Username but i remember the Password. Pls help me. I

    think Register no.658 /659 My Daughter Name is



    You can send an e-mail to citing your problem. Additionally you should be possibly getting a reminder about your membership from Kinchitkaram Trust website, whoch might contain your password. If nothing solves your problem, pls call the Trust at 044 -24992728.


  2. Namaskaram,

    Do you match Horoscopes? Because we live outside
    Tamilnadu. If yes then pls give me the details.


  3. Adiyen Ramnunaja dasan.
    Sir, I registered for my daughter In Your Matrimonial service. I am not sure whether it got registered after i give ‘submit’. How to check for that.Is there any format for ‘username’. Plese clarify. I
    didn’t get any register number after i submitted. Please help.
    – S.Malathi

    • Unfortunately, we cannot help you in this since we are not directly connected with Kinchitkaram Trust. You can still try these

      1. You can try logging in with the Username & Password you selected during Registration. If you can login, you can be sure that you are registered.
      2. Kinchitkaram Trust sends it’s registered members an e-mail every month with links to reset the password, etc. If you get this mail, you might be registered. But am not sure if Matrimony Subscribers also get en e-mail.
      3. You can contact the Trust at – Old No 6, Bheemasena Garden St, Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004. Ph : 044 -24992728. e-mail –


  4. Swami, You can please register at the Kinchitkaram Matrimony. i need a perfect match

  5. Dear swami,
    Please register me in kinchitkaramtrust matrimonial services.I want a perfect match for my son


  6. respected sir,
    i am watching and listening of thiru velukudi krishnan’s upanyasams regularly.
    please forgive my mistakes, because i am not well in englsih. i like very much his discourses.

    i am asking few doubts here and please clarify them:

    who are to be called as swami?

    in his discourse in pothigai, he had said that parishid told to stay kali
    in gold. but upansayagars says to all this chapters but they are wearing gold chains and rings. and vaishnava upanyasagars told ramanujar had agreed other varna people, but in practice, even now the other varna people are not allowed to learn any special classes for eample1. see 27th april dinamalar paper one association advertised to brahmin people only to that class at tambaram. 2. kinchikaram’s trust vivaham asks vadakalai or thenkalai . not mentioned about other vaishnava follows people. clarify?

    my humble request is
    upanyasams are not only listening, everyone should practice inb our life including and particularly UPANYASAGARS (ROLE MODEL to other devotees)

    in spiritual function all devotees treated as equal but here also importance is given to families like political. should avoid this.

    kalaivanar arangam function respectble sir spoke in his speech and oftenly using NAN. Ramanujar had gone to thirukostiyur for 17 times and 18th time after removing this NAN, he got ragasiyam and even ramanujar delivered this ragasiyam to all and called as emprumanar by nambi. so should follow this in simple speech by important persons in their speeches.
    we should not say to all first we have to practice. because we are all not swami. forgive me if anything tell wrongly. my mind to say these please forgive me if wrong.

    • Swami,

      What you have said might be true / not true. But as Vaishnavas we have to just take the best out of everything and just ignore the rest. I feel that when someone becomes perfect there is no need for him to be in this materialistic world, he attains moksha and lives forever in Sri Vaikuntam. With regards to Velukkudi Swami, when was the last time we saw huge halls running out of space for Upanyasams? This is no mean feat in this electronic age, bringing people out of TV and Internet to listen to spiritual discourses.

      These are just my personal views and might not be right too.


  7. Dear swami

    Please registerat the Kinchitkaram Matrimony service for my sister’s son
    S.balaji 26, ketai, atherayagotram, Bsc, MCA (MBA), he is a mridangam
    artist, he played AIR, senior software engineer in Aspire systems.
    Salary 40,000 per month.

    Address:- S.Santhanam
    New no- 51,
    Old no- 20/1
    Maari chetty street, Mandaveli chennai-28
    Contact no– 24614809
    Mobile no- 9840224752

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