My thoughts : 100 Rupees for a coffee & 100 lakhs for a car.

I read a book and some ideas in it have made me think quite a deal. The book said this – Wealth is known as Goddess Lakshmi, the divine consort of Lord Sriman Narayana. God expects us to use this wealth to please him and for good reasons. This obviously means that using this wealth (i.e. Goddess Lakshmi) for materialistic and worldy pleasures is a sin and using it for worldly benefits, only brings in more misery.

Now we are in a time when there are a zillion ways to spend money for worldly benefits. Right from 100 rupees for a coffee to 100 lakhs for a car, we can spend money, in wasteful ways. Sriman Narayan will be happy when the wealth he has given us is used in righteous ways. Otherwise it brings in only misery, which we are seeing daily. A rich man might have a many cars, but the doctor might have instructed him to walk daily because he is obese. Another person might have a sweet shop, but wouldn’t be able to have any because he is diabetic. Now, the money has brought in only misery. Apart from spiritual reasons, it is also morally wrong to spend so much money when millions struggle for single meal a day.

So should we stop having our favourite cup of cappuccino? YES! But we need not stop it right away forcefully. We can start by reducing the frequency of having our 100 rupees coffee and slowly give it up. And there is one more thing we can start doing right away. Whenever we spend 100 rupees for a coffee we can spend some more money (or atleast the same amount) for pleasing the God. This doesn’t necessarily mean giving the money to a temple (which is always good); The money can be used to feed poor people, given to orphanages and there are more ways money can be put to good use.

When we use money to please God and for righteous reasons, God is happy with us and he keeps us happy. We also feel morally right when our money is put to good use.

The book I read was Elevation to Krishna Consciousness, about which I have said in one of my older posts.


2 thoughts on “My thoughts : 100 Rupees for a coffee & 100 lakhs for a car.

  1. respected sir,
    it has inspired mevery much.
    even by nature,i am not spendthrift.
    i dont go for luxurious items.
    actually what i need ,for eg.if i want to drink tea,i would not go to star hotel or big hotel,but i will enjoy a glass of tea ,at a tea shop.
    i have been seeing yur “bharathahtil dharmam”in vijay t.v daily from 6am to 6to i have tatasky plus ,i have stored all episodes right from beginning.i want to record in a disc,but i dont have facility.can u please tell me ,whether u intend to release dvd of same after u finish in vijay t.v?
    also i would like to take part in a scheme,where i may have to save 230rs in three months,at end of it,i will be given three c.d s and some book materials.can u please do needful.
    i am living in old 8,new 6,narayanan street ,maghalingapuram,chennai -34
    ph ;9282110190 044 65870191.

    • Swami,
      Thank you for your very warm words. It’s defenitely wrong to spend on luxury when millions are struggling for single meal a day.

      I suppose you have mistook me for a swami appearing in TV. I am a very small person and not knowledgable.


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