Periya Perumal Thirunakshatram

Today is the Thirunakshatram of Periya Perumal (i.e. Sri Ranganathar in Sri Rangam). Periya Perumal is the first in the Oran Vazhi (Guru Paramparai).

Here is a small history about Periya Perumal in Sir Rangam. Lord Ranganatha was the thiruvaradhana perumal of Lord Sri Rama. After the battle with Ravana, Lord Sri Rama’s pattabishekam was done. Sri Rama presented gifts to everyone who assissted Him in the battle. Out of affection for Vibeeshana, Sri Rama gave him his thiruvaradhana perumal, i.e. Sri Ranganathar. While coming back to Sri Lanka, Vibeeshana want to do sandhyavadhanam and so kept the Idol near tha banks of river Cauvery. After doing the sandhyavadhanam Vibeeshana tried to lift Sri Ranganathar, but couldn’t. He heard Sri Ranganathar’s voice stating that he wanted to stay there. Vibeeshana was worried, but Lord Sri Ranganathar blessed him and said that he would stay facing his country (i.e. Sri Lanka). So Sri Ranganthar faces South in the Sri Rangam temple.


2 thoughts on “Periya Perumal Thirunakshatram

  1. The sweetest explanation for why Lord Ranganatha faces south was given by Swami Desikan… The Lord wished to faced Srivilliputhur, where Sri Andal would appear, sing His glories, and offer Him Her worn flower garlands. In Swami Desikan’s Godha stuthi, he states that Andal bound the Lord with Her previously worn garlands, and the Lord wears Her utthariyam as a parivattam, having become completely subservient to Her devotion!

    Keep up the wonderful posts!(btw, thanks for the advice on the pic resizing; I admit to being too lazy to do it, but will shortly in the future)

  2. Yes Swamy, I too read somewhere that Lord Ranganatha was shy to tell about his desire to see Sri Andal and so he said he was facing south to see Vibeeshana! A very human angle of the Lord of the Universe.

    Thanks for the encouraging comment Swamy.

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