Book : Pearls of Sri Vaishnavam

Pearls of Sri Vaishnavam is the translated version of the tamil book “Srivaishnava Muthukkal” written by Dr.Bhooma Venkatakrishnan. The book tells about the Sri Vaishnava Sampardayam in a very simple way that can be understood even by children. Infact, a group of children are the main characters in the book. The book explains the sutras of “Sri Vachana Bhushanam” written by Sri Pillai Lokacharya Swami. Reviews of the book are all praise for the simple manner in which difficult philosophies have been explained in the book.

In the book, the central character is simply called Thatha (grandfather in Tamil), who explains the principles of Sri Vaishnavam to a set of children called Sridevi, Kannan, Andal & Narayanan. Here is an excerpt from the book.

… Andal : What is purusakāram Thatha? Why don’t you explain to us, a little more in detail?

Thatha : Purasakāram means ‘recommendation’. Let’s say, you want a seat in college and you go to a person for recommendation. What qualities would you expect him to have?

Narayanan : First of all, seeing our difficulty to get a seat, he should be compassionate. Otherwise he will not recommend our case.

Kannan : That’s not enough Thatha. The college principle to whom he recommends our case should respect his words. Otherwise his recommendation will be of no use.

Sridevi : even that would not be enough Thatha. He should place complete trust in the principal and say, “I do not know anyone but you. You have to accomplish this task for me”

Thatha : Precisely. You hit the nail on the head! Only the recommendation of a person with these qualities will succeed. The Divine Consort of the Lord, who recommends our case to Him, has these three qualities. As She is our mother, She is compassionate towards us. She is totally dependent on Him and subservient to the Lord only…

The book Sri Vaishnava Muthukkal (Tamil version) is available at the address mentioned below. The English version and the Tamil version come as an article in the monthly magazine Geethacharyan. 

7, South Mada Street,
Tiruvallikeni, Chennai – 600005.
044-28441653 |  geethacharyan[at]

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