Kidaambi Aachaan Thirunakshatram

April 19 is the Thirunakshatram of Sri Kidaambi Aachaan. Kidaambi Aachaan was otherwise known as Madappalli Aachaan, since he took over charge of culinary duties for Ramanuja after the incident in which Tirukkoshtiyur Nambi declared him as the one to take personal care of Ramanuja after the poisoning incident. He was nominated as one of the Simhasana Adhipathis of Rahasya Sampradaaya Parampara He studied Vedanta at least 12 times at the feet of Bhagavad Ramanuja. His Tanian runs as follows: 

Aatreya Gotra Sambhootham Aasraye Aasritha Vatsalam |

Yateendra Mahaa Desikam Pranathaarthi Haram Gurum || 

(Meaning) I take refuge at the feet of the great master by name Pranatha Aarthi Hara who was born in Aatreya Gotram and who is compassionate to those who resort to him. 

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