Vaduganambi Thirunakshatram

Today is the Thirunakshatram of Sri Vaduganambi, a sishya of Sri Ramanujar. Vaduganambi is a benchmark for acharya bakthi. He acharya bakthi towards Sri Ramanujar was boundless. He believed in worship of his Acharya, Sri Ramanujar more than the Lord Himself! A few incidents from Vaduganambi’s life.

It was the practice of Sri Ramanuja to have darshan of Lord Ranganatha along with his disciples. While Sri Ramanuja enjoyed the beauty of Perumal’s form, this disciple of his (Vaduganambi) would enjoy the beauty of Sri Ramanuja’s form! Once Sri Ramanuja said to Vaduganambi, “Look at the beauty of ‘Peria Perumal’s’ eyes”. However, Vaduganambi said, “The eyes that have seen my ‘amudhan’ (elixir) will not see another!” Sri Ramanuja highly appreciated Vaduganambi’s Ãchãrya Bhakti and blessed him.

One day, Sri Ramanuja had taken Perumal on procession. Vaduganambi was at home boiling milk for Sri Ramanuja. Sri Ramanuja called out to him at his doorstep, “Vaduga! Perumal has come. Come out and pay your obeisance!” But Vaduganambi replied from inside the house, “If I come to pay my obeisance to Your Perumal, the milk for my Perumal will spill over!”

Vaduganambi, was once visited by relatives who had not obtained samasrayanam from acharyas. When they left, Nambi threw away all the vessels and cleaned the thirumaligai and brought the left over vessels from Mudaliandaan’s thirumaligai and felt happy as he firmly believed that vessels used by such a srivaishanava as Mudaliandaan are good to use even when they are very old.


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