Sri Thirumalai Anandazhvan Vaibhavam 2

Once, Sri Anandazhvan visited Srivilliputtur. There he went to the tank called Thirumukkulam. He went down the water of the tank and started searching for something. Seeing that, some people asked him ‘What are you looking for?’ Anandazhvan replied ‘When Andal was living here in Srivilliputtur, it is in this tank that She must have taken a bath. At that time, She would have used turmeric sticks on Herself. I am looking to see if there is any piece that She had used that is left behind’. This is similar to the state of Andal herself, who sought to experience Sri Krishna through the objects that He had touched during His time, such as Yamuna river, Govardhana mountain, etc.

Anandazhvan’s time was much after that of Andal and it would have been impossible that any turmeric stick used by Her would have stayed in the water intact that long. However, it is not the nature of Alwars and Acharyas to ask such questions. Theirs is to simply experience and it is this anubhavam that is shown by Anandazhvan in this event.


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