Nice ISKCON Cartoon

I just came across this nice cartoon from a ISKCON Newsletter. These kinds of cartoons convey meaningful messages in a very light-hearted and simple manner. The above cartoon is taken from the Coimbatore edition of the ISKCON montly newsletter.

For Details / Subscription of newsletter,
Sri Jagannath Mandir,
Hare Krishna Land, Civil Aereodrome PO,
Coimbatore, India – 641 014.
info[at] |



11 thoughts on “Nice ISKCON Cartoon

  1. Thanks for your comment Sri Gopal Jumna das!

    I beleive there are quite a number of talented artists & writers at ISKCON. Hopefully there will be more of such cartoons.

    Ramanuja Dasan.

  2. Might be prabhu that you had bumped ino him somewhere. But its a nice cartoon with a nice message. I took this from the Coimbatore Edition of the ISKCON Newsletter.

    Ramanuja Dasan.

  3. A very nice site Prabhuji. Please keep the good effort going. I have a humble suggestion to make. It would have been better if the site had only comics based on Sri Krsna’s life alone. Some are just ordinary moral stories, which can be under a separate section.


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