Noble thought from Kinchitkaram Trust

Just few years back there were many Sri Vaishnava swamis (like Endhur Sadagopa swamigal, Annangracharya swamigal, Thoppu swamigal and many more) who were well versed with our sampradhayam. These swamis stood as towering pillars of Sri Vaishnavam. But as these swamis attained Parampadham the number of Sri Vaishnava adhikaris has also reduced considerably.

Taking this to mind, Kinchitkaram trust has come with an noble idea. A group of around 15 children will be trained in Sri Vaishnava sampradayam carefully. The children will be in the age group of 12 – 15. All requirements like clothing, shelter, good food and such amenities will be freely provided. The course will be for around 8 years. At the end of the course the children will be well learned in Sri Vaishnavam and can become kalakshaba adhikaris. Plus, apart from Sri Vaishnava sampradhayam, subjects like English, Maths & even Computer Science will be thought. So children will have an all-round education with emphasis on Sri Vaishnavam.

Now, a big question of future of children will arise amongst parents. What we say is all children will do well in their livea and not be helpless after this course. Sriman Narayana will care for children who don’t even pray or learn about Him. So, He will defenitely take immense care about children who read about Him and spread His message. The more we beleive in Him, the more he will help us. And for an example, you can take Sri Velukkudi Swami. Velukkudi Swami is in Sri Vaishnava sampradhayam and God has taken good care of him. Swamiji goes for upanyasams in the Unites States also.

 So, visitors please do spread the word and enroll your kids if they are in the age grroup of 12 – 15.

For more information,
Sri Kinchitkaram Trust,
6, Bheemasena Garden Street,
Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004.
Phone: +91-44 -24992728

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