Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam Theerthavari

For starters, Alwarthirunagari is the birthplace of Sri Nammalwar. Its one amongst the 108 Divyadesams & NavaThirupathi stalams. We already had posts on the Garuda Seva where the Perumals of all the NavaThirupathi Stalams participate in the grand Vaikasi Visakam utsavam.

On the 9th day of the Utsavam, Thiruthear {Car} is taken around the Temple & the Village. Devotees pulled the car with pomp and gaiety. Its humbling to see the Lord of Universe allowing himself to be pulled under the love and affection of the devotees. Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamywas also present and pulled the car with hundreds of other devotees. Swami did an upanyasam in the evening in the temple premises and also on the next day.

On the last day {10th day} of the Vaikasi Visakam, Swami Nammalwar is taken to the Thamarabharani River for Thirumanjanam {Theertha Vaari}. This day is actually the Thirunakshatram of Nammalwar, i.e Vaikasi Visakam. Hundreds of devotees took the holy dip along with Swami Nammalwar. It is a once in a life time opportunity to take a dip with Swami Nammalwar on his Thirunakshatram. Sri Velukkudi Krishnan swami was also present and took the holy dip.

Alwarthirunagari Thamarabharani

Alwarthirunagari Thamarabharani

Vaikasi Visakam ends with a Theertham & Prasadam in the evening. Its a really wonderful experience being with Swami Nammalwar for 10 days in the small, but charming village of Alwarthirunagari. My great grandmother used to say that every Sri Vaishnava should visit Alwarthirunagari at least once in a lifetime. I whole-heatedly thank Sriman Narayana and Swami Nammalwar for making me visit the place many times.

From Alwarthirunagari you can hire a cab and visit all the NavaThirupathi stalams in half a day. Alwarthirunagari is around an hours drive from Tirunelveli. Most buses going to Thiruchendhur go via Alwarthirunagari. Madurai is the nearest airport. Though there is a Railway Station in Alwarthirunagiri, trains are less frequent and the station is far away. Accomodation is easily available at various Mutts like the Uttrathi Mutt and many more.


12 thoughts on “Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam Theerthavari

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  2. Swami,

    I had the opportunity to see Vaikasi Visakam and it is really amazing. Seeing 9 Perumals, 2 Alwars is an incredible sight. As you say every Sri Vaishnava should visit and see Vaikasi Visakam atleast once.

    Thanks for the wonderful post.


  3. Even those who believe in Vishnu/perumal must see.The glory of Perumal on garuda is fabulous.It reminds of Annamacharya song “Itu garudani nI vekkinanu” in rag Nata.It explains the glory of garuda carrying Vishnu.

    Great sight it is……

    Swami, I think you were about to write “…dont believe in…”. Nevertheless the Vaikasi Visaakam Garuda Seva is really a breath taking and once in a life time oppurtunity. Every Sri Vaishnava should see it atleast once in his Life.


  4. Dear Aiya,I intend to visit this temple sometime in November 2009. Please advise how can i contact the temple authorities to make some special abhishegam for my family. Thanks

    Apart from the Vaikasi Visaakam period, the temple is relatively free and so you can directly go the temples and ask the Archaka swami’s for your requirements. They will be ready to help you. Contacting the authorities only leads to delay and irregularities. Also the money you will be spending goes just to the authorities. There are a lot of Acharya swami’s Thirumaligais (Homes) just around the temple, like the ones of Arayar Swami (Descendants of Sri Nadhamunigal), Annaviyar Swami (Descendants of Madhurakavi Alwar) and many other versatile Swami’s. Most of them lead a modest life dedicated entirely to the Lord. Your help to them can be greatly encouraging and helpful for these limelights of Sri Vaishnavam.


  5. Iam very happylto the vaikasi tirunal in net. But i am unlucky to see in person eventhough i am native of alwai.

    • It is very amazing that being a resident of Alwarthirunagari you didn’t witness the wonderful Utsavam. From your other comment, I suppose you were unable to see only the Theerthavari. I pray that Sriman Narayana that you get an opportunity to witness & take part in the event.


      • Dear sir,

        I am a smartha brahmin of south mada steet by 50 years back. I have enjoyed all the festivals of nammalwar which I never forget till the end of my life.No such smartha brahmin ever enjoyed such all festivals like pagal pattu and ra pattu vaisai all the 10 days in my life below 15 which i never forgget in my life the peria tiruvadi, nammalwar and pattchi rajar.

        Since I am settled in chennai I am not frequently attending all festivals. My body is here only and my soul is always with sri athinathar, nammalwar, udayavar, nachier and patchirajar.

        Any hou i pray sadagopan to allow me to see him again before my death as i am now 66.

        Sir athinathar alwar tiruvadigale saranam

      • Swami,

        Adiyean sincerely hope that you get a chance to see the wonderful seva yet again. In today’s world, careers force many people to migrate to cities and lead a very mechanical life. It’s only too lately that one realises how much one has missed in the madness to win the rat race of life.


  6. Dear devottee,

    My native also Alwar thirunagari.Now I am in baharin. Please Publish the Garuda sevai along with veedhi purapadu in you tube.This is very useful for out country residers.

  7. worshipping the deities of the nava thirupathi temples is a divine experience. The temples are so neat and sprawling. The moolavars are very gigantic and attractive.

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