Sri Thirumalai Anandazhvan Vaibhavam 3

Thrid episode in Sri Thirumalai Anandazhvan vaibhavam series.

When Anandazhvan was living in Thirumalai, he heard the news that Sri Ramanuja was in the final stages of his life in this world. Immediately he and a few other disciples left Thirumalai and headed to Srirangam to see Ramanuja. As they approached the northern banks of Kaveri river near Srirangam, they saw some of the close disciples of Ramanuja there. These disciples were crying out that Ramanuja had left this world for His divine abode, shaved their heads and were immersing themselves in the river.

Hearing the news, a Srivaishnava called Srinambi Guhadasar became immensely sad and decided to commit suicide. He climbed a tree nearby and prepared to jump down and kill himself. Seeing that, Anandazhvan said “As soon as you heard Ramanuja had left this world, your soul should have automatically left your body. Instead, you stayed alive and retained the capacity to think and make a decision to kill yourself. Being that the case, even if you jump from this tree you will not die. All that will happen is that you will break your hands and legs. So, come down”.

Courtesy : Sri TCA Venkatesan (


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