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There seems to be a interesting similarity between Sri Vaishnavas & Sri Vaishnava websites. Both have a lot of information & knowledge, but they are very simple & humble. is such a site [ is another worthy one]. It appears very simple, but has lot of rich information. It is regularly updates with news from the Sri Vaishnava world [Both Abroad & India]. This site has a monthly Vaishnava calender, with link for previous months calender too. A list of festivals [Panchangam in menu] for the month is also available. Images of Perumals of 108 Divyadesams is comprehensive. One can also listen to melodious recitings of Pasurams & Slokams. Click on Divine Music in the menu & select some sloka / pasuram. Then click on more>>>, you wont find any visual change, but after a couple of minutes you will hear the recitals. They are also in the process of digitizing Vaishnava books and some are ready for download.

The site also has a Upanyasam & later conference on Sri Vaishnavam at 10 PM [IST, Daily]. To join the conference just create a Skype ID and e-mail the web master [natha.yamuna.ramanuja.parampara [at]].

Just take a peek into the site and you are sure to find many more interesting things.

Link –

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