Sri Thirumalai Anandazhvan Vaibhavam – 5

Part 5 of Sri Thirumalai AnandazhvanVaibhavam series.

There was a woman called Thrailokyal who was a disciple of Vangeepuraththachchi. One time, Anandazhvan came to that area and she stayed at his divine feet for 6 months. After that, she went back to Achchi.

He asked her ‘You were missing for a while. Where were you?’
She replied ‘I was staying at Anandazhvan’s divine feet’.
Achchi asked her ‘Did he tell you something greater than what I have told you?’
She replied ‘Yes, he did. I served at your divine feet for 16 years and you told me that the Lord’s divine feet is the refuge. In 6 months Anandazhvan taught me that your divine feet is the refuge’.

This shows how Ananadazhvan, inspite of his knowledge was very simple & enlighted the lady about Acharya bakthi. This incident also stressess the Sri Vaishnava principle that a Acharya is important than the Lord himself.

Courtesy : Sri TCA Venkatesan []


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