Thiruvadi Pooram

Today is the Thirunakshatram of Sri Andal, popularly known as Thiruvadi Pooram {Pooram nakshitram & Aadi month}. Andal was born in Sri Villiputhur, a town near Madurai. Periya Alwar found Andal as a small baby in a bush in his garden [This garden can be seen to this day in Sri Villiputhir Andal temple]. Periya Alwar used to grow flowers in his garden & make garlands for the Srivilliputhur Perumal. Periya Alwar was very fond of Sri Krishna and hence used to say Andal about Sri Krishna vaibhavam very often. Andal became very fond of Sri Krishna and grew in love for the Supreme Lord Himself. In the month of Marghazhi, she used to fast, so that she can marry Sri Krishna. It was in the month of Marghazhi that she sang the Thirupaavai {30 Paasurams for 30 days}.

Andal used to wear the garland, that her father {Periya Alwar} made for Perumal and look at herself in the mirror. Then she would keep the garland as it was, which Periya Alwar offered to the Perumal. One day Periya Alwar came to know of this and got angry. He warned Andal about repeating it and made a new garland for Perumal. But amazingly Perumal didn’t accept the garland. Alwar was baffled and Perumal said him that he will accept the garland only after worn by Andal. From then on Perumal would wear the garland only after Andal wears it. After she grew up, Andal married Perumal himself & became one with him {Aikkiyam}. Let us pray that Andal shower her divine blessings on  us on this Auspiciuos day.

Thiruvaadi Pooram is celebrated very grandly in Sri Villiputhur. The entire town wears a festive look. People from far-off places and nearby villages come to Sri VIlliputhur. Thiruther, pulled by thousands of devotees is taken through the streets. This page has in good detail the happening at the Thiruther Utsavam –


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