Sri Vaishnava e-books

While there are a wealth of book in Tamil for Sri Vaishnavam, books in English are quite limited. Sri TCA Venkatesan of has written some Vyakhanams in English. Here is a vyakhyanam of the first pasuram of Thiru Pallandu taken from the book Thiruppallandu Vyakhyana Saram [List of all available books at end].

pallANdu pallANdu pallAyiraththANdu
palakOdi nURAyiram
mallANda thiNthOL maNivaNNA! un
sEvadi sevvi thirukkAppu

thiN – O Lord! with the strong
thOL – divine shoulders
ANda – that killed
mal – the wrestlers Chanura and Mushtika,
vaNNA – who has the color and qualities
maNi – of the dark blue emerald.
sevvi – May the beauty
un – of Your
sEvadi – divine red feet,
pallANdu – for many countless years (of humans),
pallANdu – for many countless years (of devas),
pallAyiraththANdu – for countless years (of Brahma),
palakOdi nURAyiram – for countless Brahmas countless years,
thirukkAppu – (that is, for all time) be protected.

Vyakhyana Saram:
Seeing that Lord with great auspicious qualities, in this world which is subject to time, Azhvar is worried what might happen to Him. Therefore he performs mangalashasanam to Him that His beauty be protected for as long as time is there.

Similarily Vyakhanams for all the Pasurams & even Thaniyans are provided. The list of books available are

  • Dhati Panchakam Vyakhyana Saram
  • Kanninun Siruththambu Vyakhyana Saram
  • Lokacharya Panchasat Vyakhyana Saram
  • Mudhal Thiruvandhadhi Vyakhyana Saram
  • Thirukkolur Ammal Varththaigal
  • Thiruppallandu Vyakhyana Saram
  • Thiruppalliyezhuchchi Vyakhyana Saram
  • Vairgaya Panchakam Vyakhyana Saram
Link for the books –
Lately, I have found a good platform to read & publish Vaishnava e-books. Click here to read the Blog Post on Vaishnava e-books.

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