Kali Yuga – It’s Good!

Seeing the way the world is going, we tend to say that it’s because of the Kali Yuga; and its true. But Kali Yuga isn’t too bad either. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Sri Velukkudi Swami’s Upanyasam. In the upanyasam, Swami said an interesting story. Once 3 rishis had some doubts and so met the great Vashista Brahmarishi to clear the doubts. At that time the Brahmarishi was bathing in a river and took a dip. As he got he said “Women are superior to men“. The next time he took a dip and said “Sudras are the superior caste” and after the final dip “Kali Yuga is the best“. Then he went towards the Rishis who were waiting for him. Once the Brahmarishi reached them, the other rishis said, “Our doubts have been cleared Brahmarishi” and left. In such a small incident all common beliefs are destroyed. Velukkudi Swami later explained the reasons behind all the 3. Here I just tell the reason behind why Kali Yuga is the best.

In the Krita Yuga people’s average life span was in tens of thousand years. Seeing the ills of today, this might seem to be very good news. But take this – what you do in a year in Krita yuga can be done in a day in Kali yuga. This applies even to salvation / mukthi. In Krita Yuga, the way to Mukthi was through constant meditation of Sriman Narayana. People meditated for thousands of years to attain mukthi. Just imagine meditating today for one hour! In Kali Yuga the way to mukthi is through meditation of the Divine name of the Lord. How Simple!

And one more interesting thing is that the Hindu Philosophy already knew about the Kali Yuga, thats why it said what is done in a year in Krita Yuga can be done in a day in Kali Yuga. To put simply, the Technological advancement. For instance, in Krita yuga if you wanted to know about something, you would have probably spend a year walking thousands of miles to find the person with that knowledge. In Kali yuga its just a matter of searching the Internet. But don’t forget that in Kali Yuga, to do something bad too you don’t need to spend much time! Again its a matter of how you use technology.

Hindu Philosophy – Just stunning!

To read more about the 4 yugas – http://www.harekrishnatemple.com/bhakta/chapter19.html & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuga


2 thoughts on “Kali Yuga – It’s Good!

  1. A very nice post. I would love to know the reasons behind the other two that Brahmarishi quoted too. “Women are superior to men” & “Sudras are the superior caste”.

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