Women are superior to Men

Last time we had a post on Why Kali Yuga is good. In that post I had mentioned 2 other things too, that Women are superior to Men and Sudra are the superior caste. Here I try to explain why women are superior to men [All as I heard from a upanyasam by Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami]. Every person in the world has a pre-defined route to Moksham / Salvation according to his birth & karma. Karma is the Good [Punya] & Bad [Paap] we had done in our past lives. By birth means, the sex and the caste we belong too.

For Men to attain salvation, he needs to do his Karma Yoga [duties] and also do Thiruvaradhanam and other such Kainkaryams. But a Woman just needs to do her duties of running the family, and just praying Sriman Narayana. This doesn’t mean that a woman is meant just to cook and serve. Anyone can work and earn money, but its only a woman who can bring up good mannered children, keep her husband happy; in short, help others do their Karma Yoga and thereby attain Moksha. Without a woman, a man can’t do his Karma Yoga and so can’t attain Moksham. A woman is an important cog around which the Hindu system of family works. In-fact, the 2 great wars of India, The Ramayana & The Mahabharatha were fought to uphold the dignity of women. Lord Rama fought Ravana for Sita & Krishna himself said that hadn’t it been for Draupadi being humiliated in public, the Mahabaratha war wouldn’t have taken place.

There is also a popular belief that in Hindu culture, a wife should always listen to her husband and never oppose him. This is totally false, Sita devi being a foremost example. When Lord Sri Rama was asked to go to forest for 14 years, he asked Sita to be in the palace [Ayodhya] itself. But Sita devi strongly said that she would come with Him to forest, and added that the place where Lord Rama is would be her Ayodhya. Later when Hanuman meets Sita devi in Lanka, She simply says that “If Sri Ram doesn’t rescue me in 30 days, I will leave this world”. Sita devi didn’t request Ram to rescue her, she [kind of] ordered Him. Lord Sri Ram immediately left to rescue her. Another instance is, when Sugreeva invites Vaali to fight with him, Taarai [wife of Vaali] stops him and warns him not to go. She says that, “when Sugreeva who has been hiding in fear, suddenly invites you for war, there must be some conspiracy. Please don’t go and fight with him.” But Vaali doesn’t pay heed to her words and meets his end. In Mahabharatha, Arjuna says the following to Lord Krishna, “If all the men die in the war, the women might become bad. And if the women turn bad, it’s the end of the world.” This emphasises the importance of Woman in society.

And finally, some people have a notion that only men can attain Moksha, which is absolutely false. The Male & Female bodies [Anithyam] just act as covers for the ever-living soul [Nithyam]. It’s only the soul that attains Moksha and not the body. So it doesn’t matter whether one is man or woman to attain Moksha. Sabari, a woman attained moksha after offering fruits & flowers to Lord Rama. All the Gopikas attained Moksha through their love for Sri Krishna.

Women have been placed in high regard in Indian Culture and its only in the recent past that a notion has developed that Indian Culture considered women inferior to men. Sayings like “Kall aanalum purushan, Mullu aanalum purushan” are never found anywhere in our culture.


4 thoughts on “Women are superior to Men

  1. That was an interesting read prabhu. I personally think either of the gender must not consider to be inferior or superior to the other. Infact, we are all insignificant in the whole scheme of things. However, each must consider the other a devotee of the Lord and hence never commit an offense to any of them. We must protect and care for him/her during times of trials and tribulations.

  2. Prabhiji,

    The idea behind the article isn’t to determine which gender is superior or inferior. In fact I had mentioned “The Male & Female bodies [Anithyam] just act as covers for the ever-living soul [Nithyam]”.

    The entire idea was to clear the misconception that Indian Culture doesn’t give much regard to Women. It’s just pointing out that Indian Culture gives high regard to Women.

  3. Uhh… I’m confused. The title of this article sais flat out: Women are superior to Men. Then you say that that is not the point of this article. I don’t know about this Indian culture thing, but let’s look at the facts: Men have testosterone. This makes them bigger, stronger, have better coordination, bigger brain size, higher red blood cell count and makes them also inclined to act more strategically. Women are inferior in these respects, and these are scientifically proven and the most significant respects. And it doesn’t matter if “women turn bad” because men have the most significant positions in the world, including politics. And who says women are generally “good”? Why? because they are less aggressive? Or because they have been suppressed over the years? who’s to say that if women had testosterone they wouldn’t have treated men the same way.

    Hi Serephus,

    That was an interesting comment. Let me try to clear up you. There is a general misconception in India that Indian Culture treats women lower to men and put them down, which isn’t the case. The entire post is about how Indian Culture held Women in a respected state. And I wanted to have a strong & bold title and hence “Women are Superior to Men”. But on a Higher level of things, it doesn’t matter if one is a man or woman to attain Salvation and so again in the comment I have mentioned Men aren’t inferior either.

    And regarding the testosterone stuff, we all are going to become dust one day. From Star Dust to Star Dust.

    Sri Vaishnavism is all about escaping this cycle of birth & death.

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