A day in the Life of our Acharyas

Another episode from “A day in the Life of our Acharyas” taken from the site acharya.org [Found under the Articles Section]. All these episodes are written by the author of that site, Sri TCA Venkatesan.

When Bhattar and his brother turned seven years of age, Kooratthazhvan performed upanayanam for them and took them to a pAtashAla to learn the Vedas.

On the second day, when the teacher asked the students to recite the same verses that he had taught them on the first day, Bhattar left the class and started playing outside.

Seeing that, Azhvan came to him and asked “O lad! Why are you alone playing outside while all other children are learning inside?”

Bhattar replied “They are reciting again what we learned yesterday. Therefore, I left the class”.

Azhvan said “In that case, repeat to me what you learned yesterday”.

Bhattar then recited the verses he learnt the day before, without missing a word or a letter and with the right intonations.

Seeing that Azhvan decided that it was not appropriate to have the young Bhattar learn anywhere else and started teaching the Vedas to Bhattar himself.


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