Sri Krishna in Everyday Life {Blog}

I have been reading this blog for quite a long time. But until now it didn’t occur to me that I can write a post on it.

Its a simple diary of a ardent Krishna Devotee, Manoj. Once you read the blog, you will slowly get a idea how the devotee sees Sri Krishna in everyday life. Reading it enthuses us to see Sri Krishna everywhere, everyday and in everything. Once we see God in everything, we will soon feel the bliss of Sri Krishna within us, and will slowly become enlightened.

The blog owner has named the blog interestingly – 9days 8nights. And this is what the reason behind the name

9 days, 8 Nights refers to the time I spent in Sri Vrindhavan Dham in Sept 07 during Krishna Janmashtami. I had the thought to start a blog during this time. Hopefully, I will have interesting things to put down and be disciplined about the whole job of maintaining this site Looking at updating this with new contents every Wednesday and Saturday.

Do visit the blog and learn to see Sri Krishna in everyday life.


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