Book : Stories from Vedanta

A book actually meant for Children, “Stories from Vedanta” presents the teachings of Vedanta in simple stories that can be easily understood by everyone. There are stories from Mahabharatha, Upanishads & from lives of many saints.

One interesting story is that of Narada’s marriage. Once Narada wanted to see what Maya was really like. So he asks Sri Krishna to show him the powers of Maya. After some days, Sri Krishna asks Narada to accompany him for a trip, to which Narada readily agrees. As they were walking, Sri Krishna asked Narada to get Him some water. Narada being a ardent devotee immediately ran to find some water, but he couldn’t find water anywhere. After sometime he found a hut and went there to get water for Sri Krishna.  A pretty girl opened the door and Narada was captivated by her beauty. They started speaking and Narada totally forgot about Sri Krishna and the glass of water. All that was in Narada’s mind was the pretty girl.

He asked the girls parents for marriage and they both marry. They set up a house on a river bank and lived happily for 12 years with kids. One day, towards the end of the monsoon season, the river overflowed and floods his hut. Narada decides to move to a safer place with his kids and wife. Initially Narada managed to hold his wife & children steadily. But soon the river becomes more violent and Narada looses his wife and all children. Narada is swept away and after a full hour is washed ashore. Narada, exhausted began to lamanet his misfortune.

Suddenly Narada hears a voice “It’s been half an hour, you had gone to get me some water”. It’s Sri Krishna behind, smiling at him. It dawns on Narada that Sri Krishna had shown him a glimpse of Maya, 12 years of expereince in 30 minutes! Narada immediately requests Sri Krishna, “I have seen enough of Maya, let’s get back”.

Maya [the world we see] is only an illusion and once spiritual wisdom dawns,we will no longer be affected by it. The foremost amongst alwars, Nammalwar threw away this Maya right after birth. So, Nammalwar never experienced hunger or misery. Sriman Narayana was his only source of happiness. When all the other alwars went to temples to sing on the Gods, all the Gods of various temples would come before Nammalwar, so that Alwar will sing about Them.

Book Available at all Ramakrishna Missions.
ISBN : 81-7505-241-4
Price : Rs.25
Publisher :

4 thoughts on “Book : Stories from Vedanta

  1. Thats a wonderful post swami. But I think you have forgotten to add information like where the book is available, price, ISBN, etc. You generally add such information in your posts.


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