Blog Milestone : 10000 Hits!

Sriman Narayana and his divine consorts have been very very kind on us and we are having blog milestones very often. We have crossed 10000 hits very quickly. 100 hits per day have become quite common, 135 hits being the highest we have got.

One more interesting thing is that, we are being listed very often in Google searches. Just try searching for Sri Vaishnavam in Google and we are at 3!. Search for Sri Vaishnavam blog… and we are at 1!! Apart from these many Sri Vaishnava related searches [Namalwar, Ramanujar, Alwarthirunagari] too list our blog in first page. 

All these are, personally, very humbling to me. All I wanted to do was gather & put in what I know about Sri Vaishnavam. But the Lord has been very kind and has taken this blog beyond my wildest imaginations. All I pray to Him is, let me always do what pleases Him.

Finally I thank the readers for regularly visiting & making this blog so popular.

Adiyean Ramanuja Dasan.


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