Sri Anandazhvan Vaibhavam – 6

In a village called Chola Kulandhagan, a Sri Vaishnava was living as a farmer. Anandazhvan happened to visit that village one time and saw him. He asked the Sri Vaishnava “Where are you from?”

He replied “I am from Thirukkolur”.

Anandazhvan asked “Why did you leave Thirukkolur and move here?”

He replied “I was unable to manage my livelihood at Thirukkolur. Hence I moved here.”

Anandazhvan said “Could you not have found any job (even if it be managing a donkey) and stayed at Thirukkolur? Why did you give up the opportunity to stay at a divyadesam and perform service, which is true living for the soul?”

Anandazhvan was showing that one does not have to wait to go to His divine abode to perform service. It can and should be done in this world itself [preferably] at one of His divyadesams.

Part 6 of Sri Anandazhvan Vaibhavam written by Sri TCA Venkatesan {}


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