Blog Milestone : We are 2!

Exactly a year back, on the 30th of January 2008, this blog on Sri Vaishnavam, came into being with a humble idea of being a useful Vaishnava resource online and later on have a full-fledged website on Sri Vaishnavam.

19,606 hits and 365 days later, I would like to thank the visitors who have visited, commented & linked to this blog regularly.

Above all, nothing would have been possible without the divine blessings of Sriman Narayana, His divine consort Sri Lakshmi and Alwars & Acharyas. I just pray that let me do only what pleases Him.



4 thoughts on “Blog Milestone : We are 2!

  1. Namasthe

    My name is sridhar and Im living in Coimbatore. I saw your blog it is wonderful and amazing. Basically Im a madhwa brahmin (marathi speaking). I dont know why im very much attracted towards the sri vaishavisam. I love pasurams and andals thiruppavai. If someone sings “amudhani kanda kangal matrondrinai kanave” I cant control myself. Iam fascinated towards the history of the alwars and their life. But at the same time Im a madhwa, is that ok for me to do so. Im a follower of dwaita philosophy, but can I read pasurams and thiruppavai. is that Ok. Pls clarify.


    • Thank you for your very kind & encouraging words Swami. Sri Vaishnavism is the easiest way to attain the Lotus feet of Sriman Narayana and escape from this vicious cycle of birth & death. Its is very blessed that you are attracted towards Sri Vaishnavam.

      With regards to your doubt, Sri Vaishnavam doesn’t reject or accept anybody based on birth (caste / religion). Gajendra Alwar (the Elephant who attained Moksha) is a primary example to prove that Sri Vaishnavism is beyond caste or creed. The only requirement is Bhakthi and Devotion towards Sriman Narayana. Sri Ramanujar himself preached the meaning of the sacred Thirumantram from the Vimana of Thirukoshtiyur temple to everyone regardless of caste. You can very well read Pasurams & Thirupaavai. But I suggest you learn it from an Acharya, so that you can understand the inner meanings of the Pasurams and further enjoy it.

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