Good Platform for Sri Vaishnava e-books

Generally if we need to find a variety of   Sri Vaishnava e-books, we look for them in a number of Sri Vaishnava websites. But recently I have come across a good site to find & even publish a good number of Sri Vaishnava (and any other book) e-books – Scribd.


Scribd is a site where you can read, write and publish books. You can  just copy and paste text or upload Word, OpenOffice & PDF files. Documents on Scribd gets frequently indexed by Google, and will be viewed with its unique fonts, graphics and other details. So if you have been looking for a way to share your work with hundreds of other readers, Scirbd is a good way.

When you are uploading make sure you give a proper description of the work, so it will be indexed & searched properly. If you are uploading files that you don’t own, clearly mention the source.

If you are just searching for Sri Vaishnava books, Scribd is equally good. Just use the search at the top right and you will find a lot of Sri Vaishnava books. Though the collection is not exhaustive, its still a good place to find out e-books by different authors.

You can also embed the article in your website & blog. Below is a sample article – Thiruppallandu Vyakhyana Saram (written by TCA Venkatesan,


3 thoughts on “Good Platform for Sri Vaishnava e-books

  1. To,
    1. The Governor, TN
    2. The Chief Minister, TN
    3. The Principal Secretary, religious Endowments & Info
    4. The Principal Secretary, Tourism


    Sub: improvement of environment & hygeine on ghats of HOLY CAUVERY river at SRI RANGAM—certain suggestions pertaining to SRI RANGANATHSWAMY Temple, SRI RANGAM

    I am a devout devotee of famous temple of LORD RANGANATHSWAMY of Sri Rangam and visit frequently on pilgrimage. This pilgrimage is not complete for a pilgrim without a dip in HOLY CAUVERY river.

    I am sorry and appalled at poor environment & hygeine on ghats of CAUVERY river at SRI RANGAM.

    In South Cauvery ( Kollidam):

    From this sacred water is drawn for puja rituals & for preparation of TIRTHAM etc .

    While on my repeated representations, a barricade ( check dam) constructed to prevent ¾ wheelers & trucks to enter in shallow river , bathing of clothes & spitting after dental cleaning is rampant.

    Proper education by way of appointing a guard ( jointly with Temple administration) and by affixing boards is suggested.

    In NORTH Cauvery ( Amma Mandapam):

    a) Proper education by way of appointing a guards ( jointly with Temple administration) and by affixing boards is suggested.
    b) Temple administration be advised to conduct HARATHI of sacred RIVER CAUVERY , every evening, immediately after SUN SET, as prevailing in HARIDWAR, RISHIKESH & VARANASI. This will spur lot of tourism & religious pilgrimage besides it will automatically inspire the public to stop un hygienic practices referred above.

    5. Note for The Principal Secretary, religious Endowments & Info / The Jt. Commissioner & E.O., temple of LORD RANGANATHSWAMY , Sri Rangam:
    In addition to above, please
    1) As there is huge flow of pilgrims from North India, pls affix names of SANNITHIS in Devnagari ( HINDI)
    2) Prohibit certain people (of Manikaar) from collecting donations in the main sanctum sanctorium.
    3) Designate special timings for VIP break darshan/ Donors of BHOGAMs/ UBHAYADARS & Sr. citizens on the lines of TTD
    4) Ensure running of FANS in Queue area.
    5) In important SANNITHIS, air conditioning to be done.
    6) Communication with devotees (other than from T.N.) should be done in ENGLISH/ HINDI.
    7) Brahmotsavams to be popularised, as being done by TTD through print & electronic media in North India.
    8) Start a TV channel to air all festival rituals OR to join hands with TV channel of TTD.
    9) Construct pilgrim amenities complexes/ cottages under donation scheme, as prevalent at TTD.

    Cc: 1.The Dist. Collector, TRICHY
    2. The ZCommissioner, Muncipal Corp of TRICHY,
    3. The Jt. Commissioner & E.O., temple of LORD RANGANATHSWAMY , Sri Rangam,

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