Thirumalisai Alwar Vaibhavam 2

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Part 2

Thirumalsai Alwar grew up without any attachment to worldly issues, like Nammalwar. He hardly ate or drank, but he remained healthy. Hearing his greatness, an elderly couple from a nearby village came to meet him. They offered Alwar milk which they had brought from their place, just for alwar. Though Alwar hardly drank or ate anything, he was moved by the affection of the elderly couple and accepted their offering. Then on, the couple brought milk for alwar daily. Seeing their devotion alwar wanted to give them something. Once he drank half the milk and asked the couple to have the remaining. The couple became young and due to the greatness of Alwar, the couple who untill then were childless had a child too. The child was named as Kanni Kannan. The couple brought the child to Alwar and thanked him. The child grew up as a sishya of Alwar and went wherever alwar went.

But until now Alwar was not into Sri Vaishnavam. Infact he was known as Thirumalisayaar before he became a alwar. He had been like a mystic. Alwar wanted to know about all religions and follow the one that was true & showed the path to real God & moksha. So, alwar went on a long journey and met many people and studied many religions. He met and spoke to people who didn’t believe in God itself, people who believed in God & the Vedas but never followed them, people who strictly followed them and people of all the religions he knew of.

Finally, Alwar decided that Saivism {Saivam} was the highest of all the religions and became a Saivaite. Pei Alwar heard of this and wanted to bring Thirumalisayaar into Sri Vaishnavam. Pei Alwar left his place and built a small ashram near Thirumalisayaar’s ashram. PeiAlwar to get Thirumalisayaar attention and bring him to a debate, did an interesting thing everyday. He planted Thulasi saplings upside down and watered them with a broken pot. Just as Alwar expected, Thirumalisayaar was intrigued and asked if he was mad. Pei Alwar replied, “if my actions are foolish, yours are more foolish”. Thirumalisayaar was flabbergasted and asked the reason for Alwar saying so. Pei Alwar explained that, “though planted upsided down, my saplings might grow, but you will never attain moksha in Saivism. The vedas, puranas, the epics Mahabharata & Ramayana, all clearly show that Sriman Narayana is the Ultimate God and the only one capable of giving Moksha”. This was followed by a lengthy debate and Pei Alwar showing instances from vedas & all the holy scriptures proved his point and won over Thirumalisayaar. He does Pancha Samaskharam for Thirumalisayaar {and comes to be known as Thirumalisai Alwar} and teaches him all the principle of Sri Vaishnavam. With his jobe done, Pei Alwar leaves the place. Thirumalisai Alwar then on becomes a very avid Sri Vaishnava…

Thirumalisai Alwar Vaibhavam Continued in Part 3


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