Thirumalisai Alwar Vaibhavam 3

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Part 3

After the debate with PeiAlwar, Thirumalisai Alwar became a devout Sri Vaishnava and moved to Thirumalisai where he lead a life of Poojas, Kainkaryams & Meditation. Some incidents during this period show Alwar’s greatness.

Once Alwar was sitting in his Ashram and stitching a cloth when Lord Shiva and his consort Parvathi were crossing him in their divine vehicle on sky. Seeing a divine glow in Alwar face, Parvathi enquired about it. Shiva explains that the person was Thirumalisai Alwar who had once been his devotee but now was Sriman Narayana’s devotee. Hearing this Parvathi was happy and said to Shiva that they should get down to Alwar and present him a boon. Lord Shiva accepted and both appear before Alwar. But Alwar inspite of having noticed them, doesn’t welcome or even react to their presence. Lord Shiva then announces his arrival to Alwar and asks why he had not reacted to their presence. Alwar replies that he doesn’t require anything from Him and so he didn’t mind to do anything. Shiva insists that he had decided to give him a boon and so he should ask for something. Alwar then asks Shiva to give him the Moksha. Lord Shiva replies that He can’t give anyone Moksha and only Sriman Narayana is capable of giving Moksha. Shiva asks Alwar to ask for some other boon. Alwar then asks him to give him a long life so he can do all the Penace, Poojas& other things required to attain Moksha. Shiva explains that a persons life time is determined based on his Karma’s and that cannot be changed by him. Again Shiva asks Alwar to seek any other boon. With a funny smile Alwar asks for a boon, wherein the thread should follow the needle with which he is stitching. Lord Shiva is enraged by Alwar’s reply and opens his third eye to bring out a fire and burn Alwar. Seeing Shiva opening his third eye, Alwar opens a eye in his feet, which lets out a even bigger and powerful fire and suppresses Shiva’s fire. Seeing this Shiva orders the clouds to rain, so that Alwar’s fire can be suppressed. Immediately, clouds form and bring down a heavy rain. Alwar calmly begins to meditate on Sriman Narayana. Seeing Alwar’s immense devotion, Lord Shiva becomes impressed and praises Alwar with a couple of Hymns. Then both Lord Shiva & Parvathi bless Alwar and leave the place. Alwar then calmly goes back to his daily chores of meditation and poojas.

Sometime later a Siddha Purush {one well versed with Yogic Magics}  named Sukthihaaran who had tamed a lion and made it his vehicle with his magic powers was going in the sky and suddenly he was not able to move further. He was amazed and found out that Alwar’s yogic powers had prevented him from moving forward. He came down to test Alwar. Seeing Alwar in very simple clothing he gives creates a cloth of Silk and asks Alwar to wear it. Alwar takes the tiger skin on which he was sitting, magically converts it to a robe with jewels & gems and asks the Siddha purush to wear it. The siddha purush is amazed and takes a beads chain and asks Alwar to use it as a jap mala. Alwar converts his simple Tulsi mala to a Navaratna mala and gives it to the Siddha Purush. The Siddha Purush is amazed and falls at Alwar’s feet. He then takes another route in his lion vehicle.

As days passed and Alwar’s fame spread, another Siddha Purush who was an expert with chemicals {rasavaadhi in tamil} comes to meet Alwar. He presents Alwar with a chemical that can convert any metal to Gold. Alwar takes some dust of his skin and says to the Rasavaadhi that this dust can convert even a rock to Gold and gives him it. The rasavaadhi tests it and flabbergasted to find stones turn into gold. He too falls at Alwars feet and leaves.

Thirumalisai Alwar was immensely powerful and was an expert in all the Siddhic & yogic magics. But he was uninterested in all such things and considered them trivial and inconsequent Alwar’s only interest was in Sriman Narayana and attaing Moksha. Alwar decides to leave Thirumalisai and move to a place where he can meditate undisturbed.

Continued in Thirumalisai Alwar Vaibhavam 4


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