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Recently we had a post on Sri Ahobila Mutt, following which now we have a little post on their website – AhobilaMutt.org. One look and anyone can say that the site is regularly updated, has lot of information and yet, very neatly designed and put together. The site is the best place for those looking for some basic information about the Mutt as well as for those ardently following their Acharya {Azhagiya Singar} and the Mutt. The home page is updated with the latest happenings at the Mutt and the sancharams / journeys of Jeeyar Swamy {Azhagiya Singar}.


Apart from news & information about the Ahobila Matam, the site also has a library of articles of the mutt & many Sri Vaishnava audio & text downloads. Text downloads include the 4000 Divya Prabhandams, Sri Ramanujars’ Sriranga Gadyam, Sri Vaikunta Gadyam, Saranagathi Gadyam and Alavandar’s Chatussloki and Sthothrarathnam. Ahobila Mutts’ publications can also be ordered through the site bookstore. There is also a Quiz page where you can test your Sri Vaishnava knowledge, selecting from the Basic, Intermediary, Advanced levels. Ekadashi & Amavasya calculators for the western visitors. The site also offers a Matrimonial service for Sri Vaishnavas.

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