Vedantic Cricket : Article from The Hindu

An interesting Article from The Hindu, relating Life, Cricket and Vedanta.

Kapila enunciates the 25 tattvas of the Sankhya Yoga. These 25 tattvas can be understood in terms of the game of cricket, said Srivatsa Jayarama Sarma. Cricket has been defined as a game of glorious uncertainty. Life too is a game of glorious uncertainty. Life therefore can be analysed using cricketing terminology.

The prapancham, that is the world, is the ground in the game of Vedantic cricket. The running between two sets of stumps is akin to the constant preoccupation of a samsarin, with the day-to-day aspects of life. The three stumps signify the qualities of sattva, rajo, tamas. The 10 fielders just waiting to get the batsman out, may be compared to the five gnanendriyas and the five karmendriyas. The bowler is the Kala Purushan — Time. He keeps track of our karmas in previous births.

But in cricket there are two batsmen. While one bats, the other is idle at the other end. How can there be an equivalent to this in real life, when we are talking of a samsarin? The answer is that, when a person is born and lives in this world, he constantly has an impact or an influence on another person’s life. This is inevitable. When a child is born, for example, it gives a woman the status of mother. Just as the bowler tries in various ways to get us out, so do the many factors that tempt us and cause us to stray from the right path in life too. But the batsman, however careful he is, does get out one way or the other.

He may be clean bowled — die a natural death. He may be run out — have an accident. He may get out if he himself accidentally knocks down the stumps — suicide. He may be declared lbw — he puts his bodily concerns above his spiritual concerns. He may be caught out — trapped by one of his indriyams. The scorer is like Chitragupta, keeping a tally of our score.

There are three umpires in life too. Lord Krishna Himself says, “We are three. I, together with the Vedas and those who know the Vedas, hand out retribution or reward.” If the batsman scores four runs in one shot, he is applauded. If a man lives in accordance with the four Purusharthas of dharma, artha, kama and moksha, he deserves to be applauded too.


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