God is Easy to Achieve : Another article from The Hindu

Another interesting Article from The Hindu about God’s simplicity and how easy He is to achieve.

Nammazhvar, in his Thiruvaimozhi, says God is easy of access to those who have bhakti, but is One who is difficult to approach for those without bhakti. So it is the attitude of a person to God that determines whether He is unfathomable or not, said Raza Narayanan.

There are many examples to show that the right attitude matters. Yasoda and Putana both suckled Krishna. But while Krishna gratefully suckled at Yasoda’s breast, he sucked out the life of Putana.

That was because Yasoda had motherly love, but Putana came to kill Krishna. Yet again in the Krishna avatara, the Lord demonstrated the importance of one’s approach to God. Duryodhana called on Krishna to seek His help. Krishna pretended to be asleep. Duryodhana, thinking it was beneath his dignity to sit at Krishna’s feet, sat near His head. Arjuna, who arrived later, sat beside the Lord’s feet.

Krishna, upon opening his eyes, as if after deep slumber, looked at Arjuna and asked him what he wanted. Duryodhana protested that he had come there before Arjuna had, and that Krishna should offer His help to him. So Krishna told Duryodhana that he had a choice. He could either take all of Krishna’s army to fight against the Pandavas. Or Krishna would be on his side, but unarmed. Duryodhana, ignorant of Krishna’s greatness, chose to have Krishna’s army.

Arjuna was glad to have Krishna on his side. Of what use is anything if God is not on one’s side? And what can go wrong if God is on one’s side? Duryodhana paid for his attitude and was vanquished. Arjuna was rewarded for his devotion and emerged triumphant.

A true devotee knows the significance of treating the Lord’s feet with reverence. Duryodhana did not know the importance of sitting at the Lord’s feet, but Arjuna knew that the Lord’s feet are the best refuge in times of trouble.

It is hard to convince some people of God’s greatness by referring to His simplicity or divinity.

The divinity instils fear in them, and the reference to His simplicity makes them underestimate His prowess. Only those who worship with humility will benefit.


3 thoughts on “God is Easy to Achieve : Another article from The Hindu

  1. Beautiful article, please do post such articles. Good job. Thanks a lot

    Everything related to Him is beautiful. We are just ignorant to see the beauty in everything. I will defenitely post whenever I get articles like the one above.


  2. very fantastic article.

    bhakthi is the only way to surrender god’s feet, there is no another / alternative choice in “kali yuga”.

    om namo narayana

    adiyen ananthalwan ramanuja dasan saranam


    All credit to the original author. Lets hope more such articles are published regularly in Magazines & Newspapers.


  3. Jai Shri Krishna..!Wonderfull,Marvellous..Serisly Its So beautifully described..Such As Ram bhagwan’s Dharam..!and Krishna Bhagwan’s leela..!Both Are so much intersting..that after reading and getting to know more about them,one would definately fall in love with god..!Jai Sitaram..!

    Adiyean Dasan.

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