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Another gem of a Sri Vaishnava site. Something really close to the ideal Sri Vaishnava home in the Virtual World. has lots of content including a Learning Section on Sri Vaishnavam, along with the usual categories of Audio, Video and Books. But the most interesting & appreciable feature is the Social Networking feature of the site. You can join as member in the site, create your own blog and interact with other members too. Probably it is the only Sri Vaishnava site offering robust Social Networking features. Members include Sri Velukkudi Swami & Sri AnanthapadmanbaChary swamy themselves (a little difficult to believe though).

Sri Velukudi Swami on

Sri Velukudi Swami on

These are some of the sections and their contents in the site.

Videos : Upanyasams from eminent swamis like Srimad Azhagiyasingar, Srimad Aandavan swami, Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami, Sri Ananthapadmanapacharya swami and Sriman Akkarakani Srinidhi swAmi. Discourses include Azhwargal Vaibhavam by Velukkudi Swami, Dhinam oru Dhivya Naamam by Sri Ananthapadmanapacharya swami, Thirupaavai Upanyasam by Srimad Azhagiya Singar swami and much more.

Audios : Has a large collection of Velukkudi Swami’s upanyasams, Divya Prabhandam chanting by Sri Sevilimedu swami, Sri Annamacharya Kirtis by M.S. Subbulakshmi, Malladi Brothers, Nitya Santhoshini & Unnikrishnan.

Learning : Article to get a clear understanding of what Sri Vaishnavam. Sri Vaishnavam Basics and Principles, Samasrayanam, Bhakthi and Prapatti, VishistAdvaitham Tutorial are some of the articles under Must Read Section. Links for lectures in other sites can also be found in this page.

Books : Sri Vaishnava e-books include Srivaishnava Dhinasari, Prahalada Stotram, Sri Stuti, Bhu Stuti, Godha Stuti, Hayagriva Stotram, Thiruchinna Malai. Links for more e-books in other sites are also available.

Sri Vaishnava Calendar :  Unfortunately inspite of many Sri Vaishnava sites that are available, Sri Vaishnava Calendars in many sites aren’t updated regularly (Our blog is no exception too. We regret it.). But the calendar in is regularly updated and contains dates for major Srivaishnava events such as Perumal, Alwars, and Acharyas thirunakshatrams and other important festivals celebrated by Srivaishnavas.

Visit the site and you are most likely to find lots of really useful information and links. 


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  1. thdere is no follow up by the members. interaction is necessary to get more autheticity in vaushnavite asection. to get into profile kot of hurdles are there, i have pubkished a few books and on vaishnavism. i had already given them in my profile. Profile of members must be easily accessible. self intgroduction is not an exhibitionof the individual’s qualifications. there must be aleader to quench the thirst of members to get to know about the esantialities of the mass. hope this will give thought provoking announce ment by the website. the object must be rational and not functional. vedantham

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