Thirumalisai Alwar Vaibhavam 4

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Part 4

After visits from the Lord Siva, the Siddha and the Rasavaadhi, Thirumalisai Alwar decides to move to a place where none would disturb him. He leaves Thirumalisai and after looking for an ideal place for penance, finally finds one in a cave of a mountain. Alwar immediately sits for penance and leads a very spiritual life, undisturbed by anyone.

Meanwhile, the Mudhal Alwars who were in a Divyadesa Yatra reach the cave where Thirumalisai Alwar had been living. They immediately see Alwar’s greatness and decide to spend some days in Alwar’s company and the four Alwars live together for sometime in the cave. During these days, the Alwars spoke, sang and thought of only Sriman Narayana. They had no worldly issues to worry about. After days of enjoying each others presence, the Mudhal Alwars leave the cave to continue their Divyadesa Yatra. Thirumalisai Alwar too returns to Thirumalisai.

Thirumlisai Alwar Vaibhavam continued in Part 5


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