Swami Koorathazhvaan 1000th Thirunakshatram

Swami Koorathazhvan

Swami Koorathazhvaan Vaibhavam in Short

The ever liberated and liberated sould are always enjoying the supreme Lord Sriman Narayana in Sri Vaikuntam. Although the souls living in this world are also eligible to have this enjoyment, they due to their sinful deeds are unable to have such an experience; as a result, they live in this world. The Lord, with a view to correct the denizens of this world and receive their services, has out of compassion, manifested himself as Sri Rama and Sri Krishna.Even by such an effort, the Lord was unable to correct the human beings. So, he though that they could be brought round and made serviceable only through other human beings. So, he thought that instead of correcting them from this Supreme position as their master, it would be easier for him to this by placing himself in a lower status as a subservient person. He also opined that instead of correcting them from the position of their perceptor, it would be easier to correct them by Himself becoming a disciple and thus practically implementing His own teachings.

Accordingly, Sri Thiruvanantazhvan (Adisesha) manifested as Sri Ramanuja, while the Lord manifested Himself in the village Kooram, as Sri Koorathazhwan in the “Saumya” year in the month of Pushya under the asterism “Hastha”. Swami Koorathazhwan became a foremost disciple of Sri Ramanauja.

Our toungues cannot sing the glory of Sri Koorathazhwan. He brough to light the secret teachings of the Upanishads through his compositions, Panchastavam. Sri Ramanuja felt that he would certainly attain the highest abode, purely by virtue of his association with Azhwan!

From Vedics.org site

Swami Koorathazhvaan’s 1000th Thirunakshatram falls on 3rd of February 2010. A committee has been formed to celebrate Swami’s Thirunakshatram in a very grand manner, befitting for Sri Ramanuja’s foremost disciple & an incarnation of Sriman Narayana himself. The celebrations planned include the following

  1. Release of Books on Azhwan’s life history in several languages.
  2. Release of CD’s on Panjastvam Discourses.
  3. Release of Banners & Books that depict Swami’s life in a Pictorial format.
  4. Azhvan’s history in Dance & Drama format during the celebrations.
  5. Annadhanam to the poor & needy.

Apart from the above a lot more has been planned to celebrate Swami’s 1000th year of appearance. We are lucky to be in this time and celebrate Swami’s Avatar. We kindly request you to take part in the celebrations & provide financial and any assistance in whatever way possible. Every small help will be of great use. The committee in charge of the celebrations is

Sri Koorathazhwan 1000th year Mahotsava Committee,
19/37, Rathinakudil Apartments,
TP Kovil St,
Triplicane, Chennai – 5.
Ph – 044 28441110 | azhwan1000@gmail.com | www.kuresan.com

Honorary Patrons of the Committee include Sri.U.Ve.Parasara Azhagiyasinga Bhattar swamy, Velukkudi Sri.U.Ve.Krishnan swamy, Sri.U.Ve.Akkaarakkani T.A.Srinidhi swamy, Sri.U.Ve.K.B.Devarajan swamy and many similar prominent figures.

Cheques can be drawn in favor of  “Sri Koorathazhwan 1000th year Mahotsava Committee” and sent to the above address.

Invitation for Swami Koorathazhwan 1000th Thirunakshatram Celebrations.


2 thoughts on “Swami Koorathazhvaan 1000th Thirunakshatram

  1. Swamy,

    Adiyen want the details of celebration for Swamy Kooraththalwan in Srirangam on February 1,2,3 2010
    Please send me the details, so that I could get some blessing from the Adiyars who ara all present there through attending the programme.
    Thank you, Swamy.
    Om Namo Narayana Nama:
    Swamy Ramanuja Thiruvadigale Saranam

    • Swamy,

      Please forgive that I was not able to get the information on Swamy Koorathazhwan’s 1000th year celebration in Sri Rangam. Most of the celebrations will take place in Kooram. But there will definitely be Thirumanjanam & Ghosti in Sri Rangam temple & all other Sri Vaishnava temples for Koorathazhwan’s Thirunakshatram.


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