Significance of Margazhi / Dhanur Month

Today marks the start of the most auspicious month of Sri Vaishnavas, Marghazhi (Dhanur) Month. Here is a little post on Significance of Margazhi month.

  • Firstly, the month of Margazhi is Morning time for the Devas, who pray to Sriman Narayana in this time (One day for Devas is One year for us).
  • Sri Andal sung the 30 paasurams of Thirupaavai to attain Sriman Narayan during these 30 days and finally attained Sriman Narayana Himself.
  • Lord Krishna Himself said in Gita, “Among the months, I am Margazhi“.
  • The Pagal Pathu & Raa Pathu utsavams, when the Thiruvaimozhi Pasurams are recited, happen in all Divyadesams during this month only. Srirangam Pagal Pathu & Raa pathu Utsavams are very famous.
  • Vaikunta Ekadashi also occurs in this Auspicious month.

On a lighter note, Please do remember that, any month, any moment is auspicious for thinking, talking & reading about Sriman Narayana.


3 thoughts on “Significance of Margazhi / Dhanur Month

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