108 Divyadesams and the Paasurams

Its well known that the temples visited and sung by Alwars are known as Divyadesams. But not all of us are blessed enough to know all the Paasurams sung on a particular Divyadesam. And, as if like a perfect answer to this a Sri Vaishnava, Sri Thirukkudanthai Jegennaathan swAmi has posted in his blog about Divyadesams and Paasurams sung on them. Swami has written on 32 Divyadesams as of now. Soon, we might have the info for all the 108 Divyadesams. Also all the posts are in PDF format, so you can download and keep it for future reference. Swami’s blog can be seen here – http://saranagathi.org/blogs/jegennaathanks (Yea 🙂 hosted by Saranagathi.org)

Here is a PDF of First Divyadesam, Srirangam and paasurams on it. More Divyadesam PDFs can be found in the blog.


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