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Sriman Narayana & Swami Nammalwar once again blessed me with an opportunity to witness the grand Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam. I always wanted to shoot the 10-day event in High Resolution & good aesthetic quality. This year, I was blessed with a good DSLR camera and I did the best the shoot the Garuda Seva day in all its Glory. Due to materialistic commitments I wasn’t able to witness all the 10 days, and I had to be content with just shooting the Garuda Seva day. This first part has the snaps taken in the Garuda Seva day, when the Perumals of NavaThirupathi Divyadesams are welcomed by Swami Nammalwar. The second part (to be posted soon) will have the Garuda  Seva that takes place at the night.

The very purpose of shooting the event is to share the Photos with all the people. Anyone who would like to have the High Resolution originals can always e-mail me (RamanujaDasan@live.in) or Leave a Comment indicating your requirement.

Navathirupathi Perumals in a Mandapam before entering Alwarthirunagari Temple

An old woman praying one of the Navathirupathi Perumals

Elephants marching before the Lord

Nammalwar welcoming the Perumals of NavaThirupathi

NavaThirupathi Perumals entering Alwarthirunagari after Nammalwar welcomes them.

One of the NavaThirupathi Perumals entering Alwarthirunagari Temple

After Welcoming all the Perumals, Nammalwar comes to see His people

UPDATE : 2nd Part of the photos are posted here.

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