Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam Garuda Seva Photos (Part 1)

Sriman Narayana & Swami Nammalwar once again blessed me with an opportunity to witness the grand Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam. I always wanted to shoot the 10-day event in High Resolution & good aesthetic quality. This year, I was blessed with a good DSLR camera and I did the best the shoot the Garuda Seva day in all its Glory. Due to materialistic commitments I wasn’t able to witness all the 10 days, and I had to be content with just shooting the Garuda Seva day. This first part has the snaps taken in the Garuda Seva day, when the Perumals of NavaThirupathi Divyadesams are welcomed by Swami Nammalwar. The second part (to be posted soon) will have the Garuda  Seva that takes place at the night.

The very purpose of shooting the event is to share the Photos with all the people. Anyone who would like to have the High Resolution originals can always e-mail me ( or Leave a Comment indicating your requirement.

Navathirupathi Perumals in a Mandapam before entering Alwarthirunagari Temple

An old woman praying one of the Navathirupathi Perumals

Elephants marching before the Lord

Nammalwar welcoming the Perumals of NavaThirupathi

NavaThirupathi Perumals entering Alwarthirunagari after Nammalwar welcomes them.

One of the NavaThirupathi Perumals entering Alwarthirunagari Temple

After Welcoming all the Perumals, Nammalwar comes to see His people

UPDATE : 2nd Part of the photos are posted here.


17 thoughts on “Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam Garuda Seva Photos (Part 1)

  1. Namaskaram

    I am happy and grateful that these photos have been taken and shared with many who could not witness such of these events. The photos are nicely taken and kindles hopes of past association with ancestry.

    Pray Lord Vishnu give much more of these opportunities.

    With profound regards,

    R Venkateswaran, New Delhi

    • Swami,

      Adiyean is doing a very small work that is possible by me. Much more seva is done by many other people. Also praise must be very much given to the workers who carry the Lord all the way from various NavaThirupathi stalams to Alwarthirunagari. Also please do visit the site for the 2nd part of photos of the Garuda Seva.


  2. Dear Ramanujan Swami,
    Thank you very much for the beautiful photographs of the grand event Azvarthirunagari Vaikashi Vishakham. It is a wonderful opportunity you have made available to bhaktas in other parts of the country.


  3. Respected Swami, 18 June 2010.
    Thank you for posting these lovely photos. While all of them are great, the one that appeals to me most is that of the elderly lady paying obeisance to the Lord, as if she is paying her respects to an elder at home. That single gesture reveals her devotion to the Divine. It is again His Leela that He teaches devotion through true devotees.
    My sincere to Swami Nammalvar that your yeoman services should continue.

    • Swami, as you have said, the photo of the old woman looks indeed special. For me it felt as if Sriman Narayana wanted to say He is for all regardless of Caste, Creed or Money. Anyone can attain him true devotion.

      Am happy Sriman Narayana made me capture these wonderful snaps.


  4. Namaskaram
    At the age of 66 and i am very much happy to see the photos of our Namalwar in net which is more happy and to see all the tiruvadies with great pleasure.

    Sharing the photos is giving me atma tripthi for which i will be greatful for the photographer.

    ::Let him long live by doing this work

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  6. i am very happy to see this photos.every seconds i think thirumangai mannan and father is a one of the kaikariyar in this temple.god bless the world.

    • It’s wonderful to receive comments from people in Alwarthirunagari itself. All credit to Sriman Narayana for giveing me the will & energy to do this little Kainkaryam.


  7. Sir pls tell us about ur experience and we r far and whom to contact for guidance as we don’t know how to reach there and will any one guide us. And when it will start accurately as we r not in India. And pls mail us in detail about the specialities of nava garuda seva and benefits of attending that in detail tell us ur experience and how long years u r attending this I’m eager to know and attend this very eagerly may garuda Perumal bless us to attend this. pls mail me soon sir.

    • Adiyean always considered very blessed to have witnessed this wonderful event more than once. Very frankly, adiyean’s knowledge of words is very less to describe the utsavam in all its grandeur.

      As far as reaching the place is considered, it is quite easy to reach Alwarthirunagari. Madurai (170kms) is the nearest Airport and Tirunelveli (35kms) is the nearest Railway Station. Cabs are available from both the Cities easily. There are mutts which offer accommodation. Or you might stay in Tirunelveli. The Utsavam happens in Tamil month of Vaikasi. This year (2013) it will take place during the end of May month. Complete utsavam details will be posted in the blog, once recieved.

      Adiyean Dasan.

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