Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam Garuda Seva Photos (Part 2)

As said in the earlier post, here is the 2nd part of  Alwarthirunagari Garuda Seva photos.

The entire village and especially the streets around the temple wear a festive look, awaiting the Lords. A dance troupe which initially had only a few onlookers, immediately gathered the attention of the people around and within moments a huge crowd gathered around to see the wonderful performance.

Wonderful performance by a dance troupe had the people mesmersied.

For the Bhaktas; a vendor selling savouries

Finally its time for the Lord’s to come. The Lord’s led by Alwarthirunagari Adinathar Perumal come one by one to see their children. Seeing NavaThirupathi Perumals sitting majestically in their Garuda Vahanams is a sight of a lifetime.

An unforgettable sight, all the NavaThirupathi Perumals

Swami Nammalvar sitting majestically in Hamsa Vahanam

All the NavaThirupathi Perumals coming out to see their Children

A section of the crowd (Alwarthirunagari Adinathar Perumal in the Background)

Fireworks; just like creating the universe?

More Fireworks...

Behind all the Perumals was a bhajan ghosti singing songs on the Lords before them

Even Narasimha Swamy dances to the tunes of true Bhakthas..

I once again thank Sriman Narayana for blessing me with the opportunity to witness this wonderful spectacle. It is indeed a humbling feeling when all the Lords come out to see ordinary people like us and bless. People can e-mail me ( for High Res originals of these snaps.


13 thoughts on “Alwarthirunagari Vaikasi Visakam Garuda Seva Photos (Part 2)

  1. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your wonderful photos displaying,however i wish to point out one thing Swami Nammalvar sitting majestically in Hamsa(Annam) Vahanam not in Mayil.



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  3. during my childhood i used to play around this temple and came across this festival 3 times.i couldnt turnup for this festival last 12 years but aftr seeing this photos i do remenber all those days i spent ther

    • 12 years is a long time. You should try to visit the festival when you have the will and energy to do it. Some old people (from this region) have commented & e-mailed me their grievance that when they were young they moved to cities and didn’t care to visit to see the festival, but now they are old and unable to visit, though their heart yearns to see Alwar.

  4. adiyen radhakrishnan from bahrin.This is the very wonderful photos. one humble request you to why you are not publish in tamil? please try. my native also alwar thirungari. ok thanks Alwar blessing you in many ways.

    • Swami, Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately am not well-versed in Tamil and hence unable to do so. Still, I try to write on tamil resources I manage to find. Lately, I have tweeted the links for Swami Ramanujar’s story in Tamil.


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