Join hands with Kinchitkaram Trust

Swami Velukkudi Krishnan’s Kinchitkaram Trust has yet again come up with another unique initiative. This comes after some of their unique projects like Translating the Commentaries for the Divya Prabhandams to English, a school for young children interested in Sri Vaishnava philosophies and many more. Now this is a project where we all can co-ordinate. The Trust is inviting volunteers to join hands with them and that too one can join online. Its as simple as that.

Here’s the link to enroll as a volunteer –!input.action

Please spread the word to like minded people.


8 thoughts on “Join hands with Kinchitkaram Trust

  1. Hello,
    Do you know what the volunteers are required to do? What sort of a project is being launched now? There has been no details mentioned.

    Krithiga Hari

    • Hello,
      There is no information available on Kinchitkaram site regarding the kind of Seva. But whatever the seva, we can be sure that its in service of God and one that would be useful for thousands of Bagavathas. Also the time would be spent usefully. And since the enrollment is through their website, there is a possibility that the work might be related to computers, but this is just a possibility.


  2. Hari om, srimathe ramanujaya namaha,
    Keep up the good work. It’s great to be in a congregation of vaishnavas. There are alot of good things we can do by joining hands together.
    Looking forward.
    Adien ramanuja dasan

  3. very much willing to be part of srimannarayanan project with swamiji, details of the required service would be helpful

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