Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy’s interview in The Hindu

The Hindu newspaper carried a wonderful interview with Swami Velukkudi Krishnan. Here are some excertps

“My grandfather wanted at least one of his five sons to be brought up the traditional way, acquiring knowledge in Vedanta and Sastra and spreading Dharma…”

Swami begins the interview with the above words. When asked about quitting a well paid job in an MNC to be more involved in Upanyasams, Swami said

“Please don’t call Upanyasam my profession. It is just sharing my own experience. It is neither a trade nor a job. Experiencing the Brahman is bliss and I only want to share it with everyone. Spiritualism does not need special skill or intelligence. Nor can you achieve salvation by memorising the 4,000 verses. The Lord only expects unconditional love. Throughout his life, my father was only trying to make people understand this. If you read the works of the Acharyas, Azhwars and Nayanmars you will see that love was the underlying factor of all their immortal works.”

Swami says the following words when asked about his 2 sons,

“My duty is to make them enlightened bhaktas and not trained orators.”

Through the above words, Swami subtly tells how a Sri Vaishnaav should live. As a Sri Vaishnava it’s one’s duty to teach his children the way of Bakthi and the irrelevance of this materialistic world. But deciding on what finally they should become is in hands of Sriman Narayana. We should just do our duty of teaching to our children and leave the rest to Sriman Narayana. Swami finishes the interview with the following words

“Many feel that Bhakti is for the old. On the contrary, one should attain Atma Gnanam at a very young age like Prahalada. The Bhagavad Gita is one text that should be read by everyone. Assimilating the content may be a difficult task initially, but constant reading will lead to eternal bliss. Tiruppavai too helps in fostering Gnanam.”

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  1. one time i was touched swami velukudi krishnan’s leg finger for blessing.
    but he does know – i am very happy

  2. an absolute pleasure listening to him. his knowledge, simplicity and clarity of speech are indeed exceptional. an apt ambassador to carry forward the great spiritual tradition of our country.

  3. i want to ask one question to all sri Vaishnavas. Why do not you accept Shivan as another God and go to shiva temples also and offer prayers to shiva? i can cite 1000 reasons why every vaishnava should worship shiva. few , i am giving below: number one, shiva is the brother in law (mappillai) of vishnu. number two, when u prostrate before cow, your dad, mother, agni, garuda, anjaneya, acharyals, why shiva should not be prostrated before? are these mentioned are greater than shiva? if you think so, u are ignorants. number three, when after finishing vishnu sahasranama, yudhistra asks bheeshma to recite sahasranama of shiva. for this bheeshma says, i am not competent to recite the greatness of shiva, only krishna can recite 1000 names of shiva. he who says 1000 names of vishnu says, he does not have the ability/authority to recite shiva names. then krishna himself says sahasranama of shiva. if krishna says shiva sahasranama with devotion, why these adiyens should not recite that. you Adiyens bigger than lord krishna itself. Wake up. Wake up. both shiva and vishna are same. i would say, if shiva is left hand, vishna is right hand, if shiva is right eye, vishnu is right eye. can anyone says, i hate my left eye or i hate my right hand? pl do not sleep.

    • Dear Sankaranarayanan

      This has been discussed in many forums. I suggest you to listen to Sri Vellukudi Krishnan Swamy’s upanyasam on Vishistadvaitam. But I shall give a few pointers.

      Not worshiping Shiva is NOT due to any hate. At all costs we have to pay respects to everybody be it God or human or animal. But in Sri Vainavam, only Narayana is worshipped as Para Brahmam – the supreme and you are wedded to him like a wife. A wife cannot take more than one husband, thus is the position of a Sri Vainavan. Whether Shiva or Narayana, sincere devotion and focus is of essence. If truly devoted, you will never discriminate. All are Narayana and everybody is His devotee and as a devotee you cannot offend anybody.

      What I have given is a gist and there are lot of pramanams given by Aacharyas. At the end the pramanams are not important, its just the sincerity in devotion.

      • dear santhosh, sincere devotion is necessary. that does not mean , we should stick with one god. we have been following Vedas. does vedas say only one god. it praises demi gods like indra , varuna, mitra, hiranyagarba, soma etc and supreme gods like shiva, vishnu, sakthi , subramanya. veda does not say, you should worship only one god. for body strength, we worship surya, for money, we worship lakshmi, for knowledge, we worship, hayagriva or dakshinamurthy, for removal of obstacles we worship ganesha. if you say you are wedded to narayana, will you worship only narayana, not even rama, krishna, anjaneya, lakshmi, garuda, sudarshana? it is not the case anywhere i found, where one worship only narayana. my question is will you turn your head otherside when you cross garuda, lakshmi, anjaneya, rama , krishna etc sannidhis? if you are prostrating before your father and mother, cow, auspicious temple tanks, rivers, why not prostrate before shiva? if you respect and prostrate before velukudi swami, why not before shiva? your answer does not give reply to my core point. my opinion (vedas opinion also) is give respect to every god, every human being. you mention HATE in your reply. I do not mean to say Hate. that is very bad. i mean to say give RESPECT to shiva. try to answer my question properly. if you want to meet me , we will discuss in detail. last one, for me narayana is one eye and shiva is another eye. i do not see any difference. but i love shiva slightly more than narayana. this is like i like dosa more than idly. that does not mean i will never eat idly.

      • My dear dosa liker,
        whether you like dosas or idlis is your choice.Similarly,whether you want to believe in Srimathe Sriman Narayana as the One God is your choice.
        If you want to know why,prostate yourself before the seers of the truth(like Velukkudi Swami) as advised by Sri Bhagawan in Bhagavad Gita.Ask them after rendering service at their feet instead of posting useless and senseless comments here!
        We are the recipients of paternal love from Sriman Narayana and will worship Him and His avatars and His bhagavathas as per the Shaastras.
        You are always welcome to prostate yourself before Siva calling him as the great devotee of Narayana.But to prostate yourself thinking him to be the equal of Sriman Narayana is neither supported nor encouraged by the Vedas.
        Your argument is weak when it compares Sattvic worship of parents,elders and the other nityasuris to Tamasik worship of Siva,ghosts and the devil!!
        Using your own argument against you,if you can prostate yourself before the bhootanatha siva,why not prostate yourself before the spirits,prethas,bhootas and other devils that are headed by Siva?
        Finally ask your dosa loving self what is more important,obedience and salvation or rebelliousness and certain ruin!!

      • there lies the catch.”you love sivashiv more than narayana!i like idlis only& dosas are not suitable for my stomach.idly and thai sadams are harmless.but dos contains so many ingredients including doctors like lwars&acharyars have advised me to at idly onlyto mainain my health.that is why i worship narayana in any form. if u deeply study srivaishvites scrips & ramayana, mhabharatha etc, u will find that most of the gods are linked to lord narayana.let us woship any godas per our tradition.all lead to vaikundam or sivalogam. namaskaram.

      • Dear Sankaranarayanan,

        I believe you have misunderstood my comments. Allow me to clarify.

        //that does not mean , we should stick with one god

        Its an individual choice. Vainavam worships Narayana as the supreme – Para Brahman. This in NO way means disrespect to other Gods. My parents are the best in the world and that does not mean I insult my uncles, aunts, neighbours etc. But when it comes it a preference or choice, I always put my parents before any of the others and offer my full respects to them. The same analogy is to a wife and husband. As per tradition, husband is the most important being for a wife, but that does not mean, the wife can insult husband’s parents, brothers or sisters.

        //does vedas say only one god. it praises demi gods like indra , varuna, mitra

        Completely agree with you. But do any of these Gods are given the status of Para Brahmam? Do any of them grant Moksham? As per Karma Yoga, we have to worship them in the form of fire sacrifices (yagna) for the goodness of humanity. But for liberation you have to worship Narayana as per Vainavam and Shiva as per Saivam.

        //will you turn your head otherside when you cross garuda, lakshmi, anjaneya, rama

        A definite NO. That should never be done. Somebody who understands the true spirit of Vainavam, will NOT do that, as it is an insult to Narayana himself – the underlying philosophy being Narayana as Antaryami – Narayana pervading all and is the soul of souls.

        //why not prostrate before shiva?

        I agree with you. Prostrating before Shiva is NO harm.

        My above answers may confuse you and it may be refuted by a staunch Vaishnavite. It is subject to refutation by staunch Vaishnavites because of a concept called Anya Devata Aradhana which is prohibited especially for those who have undergone Saranagathi. Now this concept has been misunderstood as hatred towards other GODS. But it is NOT so. The concept is being single mindedness and focus to the devotee. The helps to develop great devotion and complete surrender to Narayana, where material benefits like health, wealth and even knowledge are shunned, with only Moksham (service to the Lord in Vaikuntam) as focus. Once the devotee understands this he would hate NONE – be it human or God. But many misunderstand it and try to propagate hatred and divisions.

        //last one, for me narayana is one eye and shiva is another eye. i do not see any difference

        If you are of this view, then the path for you is not Vainavam or Saivam – it is Smartham following Advaitha philosophy, should suite you best. But if you prefer Shiva as Para Brahman – you have to adapt and follow the tenets of Saivam. If Narayana – it is Vainavam.

        I suggest you choose one, as differences will always exist and along with it comes discrimination. When observed with open mindedness, the differences can be appreciated and the discrimination should vanish.

        Hope I have answered your questions to my best. Though the two groups are always at logger heads citing Vedic Pramanams claiming Vedas proclaim only Shiva or Narayana as Parabrahman, I personally treat them as some justification to boost the confidence of the followers assuring that they have chosen the right path. Vedas are always cited because they are regarded as eternal and truth. But in my opinion, it is not Vedas but devotion, humility and respect for all is what matters.

        I don’t regard myself as a know-all person. I have given what I know and understood, which is just rudimentary. I am sure experts can give a better opinion and do justice. Thank you.

      • //why not prostrate before shiva?

        To add some clarity, Vaishnavites who treat Narayana as Para Brahman, especially after undergoing Pancha Samskaram (Saranagadhi), are advised against prostrating to other Gods, as it is against their own promise. It is like this – if you work for one company and have signed the contract, would you work for another too? But that does NOT mean you should insult the other. It means that you contribute yourself completely and spend all your knowledge and energy to the one company you work for. The same concept applies here – the devotee is encouraged to focus all his energy and attention on Narayana and no body else. Along with it selfless service is encouraged.

        The other explanation (spiritulal) given is that, once you surrender to Narayana, it is HIS responsibility now to take care of you. If He is taking care of you, what is the need of worshiping other Gods for materialistic benefits? Narayana would know what is good and bad for you. You may still face a hard life because the karma accumulated has to be exhausted which would in turn put you on a fast track to Moksham. Again this in NO way should be taken as a liberty to insult others – be it Gods or humans.

  4. Why respect Siva?He is nothing more than another baddha atma heading bhootas and prethas that is why….
    If you respect him,you will get steeped in Tamas and fall further and further away from God,that is why…
    It is either Sriman Narayana’s way or the highway for you buddy,there is very little choice….

    • mr.ranga, your comments are not polite. your words like “buddy, rebellious, certain ruin, useless and senseless comments” are not good. it shows ur rudeness and arrogance. if you argue with me, i will argue for umpteen times, but if you make such comments, i will not reply to your comment. you should apologise for making such comments. i am only making point in this forum. everyone in this world has the right to put forth his comment. this is a public forum . anyone can comment without using bad language.

  5. dear santosh, it is good argument going on. i like to argue which leads to salvation and clear our mind of any doubts. well, i will answer you one by one. “sticking to one god” if u worship narayana ONLY and no others (like garuda, mahalakshmi, anjaneya, alwars etc), i will not argue. its ur choice. but if u worship others whom i mentioned above, it is not wrong to worship shiva. i will give u examples of vishnu worshipping shiva. in mahabaratha, in anusashana parvam, after reciting vishnu sahasranamam by beeshma, yudhistra asks beeshma to tell shiva sahasranamam. but beeshma says, “i cannot tell shiva sahasranamam as i have no eligibility to tell it, only lord krishna call teach it to you”. this does not come in shivapurana or devi bagavatham, this comes in mahabaratha. repeat mahabaratha. if you believe in mahabaratha and its verses as true, then when krishna tells shiva sahasranama and krishna himself says every time i take this avatar i recite shiva sahasranamam why vaishnavas should not worship shiva? if krishna worhips shiva, then no reason why vaishnavas should not worship shiva. hope my point is clear to you. also, in ramayana , when rama was in forests, before he made parnasalai (hut), he did poojas including rudra poojas . it is mentioned in Valmiki ramayana. when rama worships shiva, why not vaishnavas? in chidambaram, lord govindaraja got stunned on seeing nataraja dance. these words are not mine, it is the words of alwar (i do not remember his name, may be thirumangai alwar). in tiruvanandapuram, the sanctum santorum of padmanabaswamy contains shivalinga and narayana fondly touches his hand ON SHIVA. when narayana himself touches (that means doing pooja) to shiva, why not vaishnavas do pooja to shiva. in lakshmi sahasranamam, in more than 20 places lakshmi was called with shiva or parvathi names. one name even clearly tells lakshmi is born from shiva (shankaratmaja). even if vaishnavas does not accept that lakshmi was born from shiva, they should accept shiva is born of lakshmi (this shankaratmaja clearly tells either one of them born from the other). if vaishnava do not worhsip shiva, wont lakshmi become angry?. HOPE MY POINTS ARE CLEAR AND CONVEYS ITS MEANING. i will still answer all your questions, which i will do later. these answers themselves explain my stand is correct, i hope.

    • Dear Sankar,
      You are right. Even in Ramayana , Rama worshipped so many people. He surrendered to Samudra rajan, He chanted Aditya hrudayam and worshipped the Sun. Even Krishna made all his people offer prayers to the Govardana giri instead of Indra.. But does it mean , Krishna is < than Govardana giri, or Rama is less powerful than the Samudra Rajan, Sun , Moon etc.? you yourself might not agree . Right?

      Bhishma being a strong devotee would have smartly asked Krishna himself to recite Sahasranma of Siva as he would have already pledged his devotion to Lord Narayana only.

      As is the characteristic of all vaishnavites, Bhishma also does not hate Siva or does not belittle Siva.. He humbled himself instead…. and if he said he does not have the eligibility, that may also mean he does not have the eligibility because he is already single mindedly devoted / pledged his devotion to Sriman Narayana. Hence he may have said so.

      • dear krish, that is what i mean to say. the greatness of hinduism lies in its accepting everything as god. Accepting everything as god and paying it obeisance. every people in hinduism will pray to all he looks around him, whether dog, pig, tree, samudra, river, horse, elephant, cow, humanbeing, devas and gods. The vedas are there to teach every hindu to pray in such a way. it has prayers for all these, i said above. since rama , krishna were born as humanbeings, they SHOULD worship samudra rajan, indra varuna, agni, trees and vishnu, shiva, rudra etc. THEY DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. during rama or krishna’s period there were no sampradayams as such in present day vainavam or pure shaivam, which asks for devotion to only family of god (vishnu group) or to other family (shiva & group). the vedic period is perfect. since the born of kaliyuga such differences came. till date only SMARTHA, MADHVAS obey this vedic period followings and none others (like pure shaivam, pure vaishnavam). this pure shaivam and pure vaishnavams are only to some extent good not to a full extent, as it rejects Vedas order of worshipping everything around us. remember one thing, these sampradayams will be there for only some more time (say 1000 years, 10000 years or even till kaliyuga). these does not have a place at later point of time (kritha yuga etc). ramanujar has not done what exactly the veda said. but adi shankara did not go away from veda sampradaya . madhvacharya also followed veda sampradayam, but may be little diversified. i will answer your question on Bheesma. in our text, it will clearly say what it means. Bheesma did not say , i am following a different sampradayam, so i could not do shiva shahasranamam. if he did, he could have said so, but he says he has no ELIGIBILITY clearly. do not twist his intentions. when somebody asks ramanujar to teach shiva slokam, will he say, no i dont have the eiligibility or he will say, i am following different sampradayam. he would say only the later. because he wont consider shiva as better than vishnu. Hence if bheesma says ELIGIBILITY it is his CAPABILITY, none others. take the words as it is and do not add different meaning than it conveys. MY FINAL WORDS ARE TAKING NARAYANA AS SUPREME IS THEIR CHOICE OR FOLLOWING, NO WRONG IN IT. but as human beings like rama and krishna did, vaishnava should not eliminate shiva in their worship or pure shaivite should not eliminate vishnu in their worship (since pure shaivites are rare i do not mention about them quite often). when some pure shivite come and say, i worship only shiva and worshipping narayana is not in their sampradaya, i will tell him to throw away that sampradaya and follow veda. VEDA IS FINAL. VEDA IS FINAL. since shankara is just a acharya came down the line of this veda sampradaya, we worship him and follow him. if he had estabished different sampradaya, like putting trishul in forehead, neck, nape, shoulders, i will not follow it even if my parents had followed. these putting of mudra may help in devotion strengthening, but it is not veda sampradaya. See veda does not prohibit this mudra, as long as the sampradaya follows its CORE DHARMA.

      • // ramanujar has not done what exactly the veda said.

        None has any rights to comment on greats like Ramanuja. Do you know Vedas in and out and an expert in it? Other greats like Madhva and Chaitanya who have visited Sri Rangam and familiar with Ramanuja tradition did not dare to comment on him. Each one expressed what they realized. Same applies to Shankara too. If you like and follow Shankara do so without disrespecting others.

        If only you had known Advaita better, you would not have commented like Lakshmi getting angry etc. Please understand the philosophy you follow and then comment on others. One who has good understanding will never look down upon others as inferior – just like நிறை குடம் தளும்பாது. And you making fun of Thiruman as Trishul shows only your ignorance.

      • do not wash ur dirty linen over website.most of us crossed that stage.both narayana& siva ar above comments.adiyen ramakrishnan(S.P CBI)

    • Dear Sankaranarayanan

      I am in agreement with your comments. In fact I was asking the same questions a couple of years back. Let me explain certain things from my little understanding.

      //if u worship narayana ONLY and no others (like garuda, mahalakshmi, anjaneya, alwars etc), i will not argue. its ur choice

      This is not my choice. This is the only choice given as a guideline to Sri Vaishnavas by the Acharyas. There are other Vaishnava sampradayams with different guidelines. For example followers of Madhavacharya, who propounded Dvaita philosophy, worship Shiva too. They have a hierarchy of Gods with Hari as the highest. Gaudiya sampradayam of Chaitanya, has Krishna as the highest. The guidelines are based on the philosophy and the theology that follows it.

      // examples of vishnu worshipping shiva – mahabharata, ramayana

      I agree with your examples and I am very much aware of them. These examples can be interpreted by different points of view for the sake of arguments. I can give you one example. Let us take the case of Padmanabaswamy – here you see Narayana touching Shiva. You interpret it as pooja, but for sake of argument, I can say, when some body does pooja – the doer cannot do it in a sleeping position. Also the doer does pooja to the feet and not to the head. Thus what Narayana is doing cannot be interpreted as a pooja, but a blessing. Shiva at the bottom can be considered as doing pooja. Now this is just an arguement and should NOT be construed as an insult to Shiva.

      Even for Vishnu Sahasranama – the context is when Yudhishtra asks Bhisma, who is the One refuge for all, who is the greatest, by chanting whose name can one achieve salvation/liberation etc. I am sure there would be something similar to Shiva Sahasranamam. Also Shakthas, who worship Devi, consider Lalitha Sahasranamam as the highest and best. Thus it goes on for every God.

      For some reason Vishnu Sahasranamam has a special place – all three acharyas – Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhva wrote commentaries on it. Shirdi Sai Baba recommended his followers to recite it. Of course this does NOT mean I am putting down Shiva Sahasranamam. Just stating what I know. And I guess Sri Vidhya upasana considered highest of all vidhyas, recommends only Lalitha Sahasranamam.

      // if vaishnava do not worhsip shiva, wont lakshmi become angry

      Let us not assume that Gods are mean minded like us :). If you believe God is perfect, there is no room for anger, hatred or jealousy. The balance between them is something they have to worry about and not us. What is important to us is humility and devotion. We in our capacity should not insult or discriminate anyone because of differences.


      Your points are clear and I understand. After I researched for a while (and of course I have researched from a historical and archealogical point too), I concluded that the differences are there and they would always exist as they also act as constraints. The point is – is it possible for a true seeker to rise above these differences?

      //these answers themselves explain my stand is correct

      Yes you are entitled to believe that your stand is correct and so are others. There is no point in forcing your stand on others. Everyone have their justification. If you read Ambedkar or Periyar’s works they would shoot down every justification put forward by theists. That’s the reason I suggested that you have to adapt Saivam, if you regard Shiva as supreme and Smartham if you regard both as equal.

      Saiva Siddhantham is also very esoteric and complex. Thirumoolar and Meykandaar are two philosophical stalwarts in that tradition.

      I would also suggest you go through the discussions in forums such as, etc. where you could find lot of such questions debated. You can read them and choose or decide what suits you best. There is NO universal truth or solution. It all depends on your mindset only.

      • dear santhosh, i will give my comments one by one – for the first point – “you worship narayana only and no others – you said its not your choice, and its given by acharyas to sri vaishnavas. does it mean, no others (anjaneya, mahalakshmi, alwars, garuda , rama, krishna ) are not to be worshipped? pl understand the question and reply. i will repeat again, if you worship only narayana and not even his consort and his group, its your choice (i do not think acharyas tells to worship like. they want vaishnavas to worship narayana group). but the choice is not according to Veda sampradaya as veda ordains us to worship everyone, everything around the world. (if it has prayers on all the demigods, gods, rivers, its conveys us the meaning that we should worship all that’s created by god as god manifests in everything we see and perceive).
        for your second point, regarding rama and krishna worshipping shiva and others, i commented inmy reply to mr.krish earlier. for the subject of padmanabhaswamy touching shivalinga, i wud say, when somebody touches shivalinga, they should either do pooja or fondly touches and express its love towards shiva. either one of them SHOULD BE the case , no other case is possible (except muslims destroyed shivlinga out of hatred, that is different). when we do pooja to shivalinga, lingam does not have a head or toe, we offer flowers only on its head or on its seat wherever its possible as linga depicts only formless god , there is no beginning and end to it. assuming narayana blesses shivalinga (a shower of love), i have no problem in accepting shiva getting blessed by narayana as i see narayana is a mirror image of shiva or shiva is the mirror image of narayana (as brahmam exhibits itself in different form as we want it to be ) . if i bless myself in the mirror, the mirror blesses me. similar is the case regarding narayana and shiva. both are different forms of brahmam. that is it. coming to the point, when NARAYANA HIMSELF fondly touches shivalinga, why the vaishnavas should not see, touch and do pooja or go to shiva temple? remember one thing, if your acharya, tells you not to go to shiva temple, he is not a true acharya. if my acharya tells me not to go to vishnu temple or mosque or church , i will outright reject him and argue against him. ramakrishna paramahamsa practised even islam and christianity. THAT IS HINDUISM. THAT IS ITS GREATNESS. Hinduism is nothing but love. when krishna fell at the feet of radha, it shows his extreme love of radha. krishna will also fall at our feet, if we are a true devotee as radha or gopikas. HINDUSIM CLEARLY STATES IN ALL ITS SCRIPTURES THE UNIONISM/ONENESS OF GOD AND MAN (when krishna fell at radha’s feet , krishna, the brahmam falling at human feet conveys the meaning of oneness. if i fall at your feet, and you will fall at my feet, then both of us should be of same age as human, in case of lord, it is oneness). when we go to a higher stage of LOVE, we will realize that there is no difference between god and ourself.

        regarding the third point, lakshmi becoming angry who does not worship shiva, i mean to say the vaishnavas should not turn their head away when crossing shiva temple. when they come across shiva temple, they should pay obeisance to shiva at least from outside. remember, every vaishnava who is a vedic scholar has to study rudram also when he learns veda. this itself show rudra japam is common to all. when you do not speak to your brother or father, wont your mother get angry with you. it is in a similar way. if we go on a wrong path, certainly our parents will get angry. if our parents do not get angry and encourage our bad activities, they are not our real parents. mahalakshmi will definitely become angry if any vaishnava does not pay respect to shiva. this i am sure. i do not here mean, a vaishnava daily shud go to shiva temple and pray, but when he come across shiva temple, or during shivaratri, at least from his mind say om nama shivaya. that is enough. you can ask me, will i pray allah during ramzan. but we are HINDUS and vaishnavism and shaivism are branches of HINDUISM . that is all. my simple answer is we should follow what rama and krishna did. VAISHNAVAN SHOULD PRAY SHIVA ALSO.
        i do enforce my points here as you are saying, i say “love everyone around you”. pray to everthing around you, that is cow, tree, shiva, pillayar, murugan, vishnu, river , sun etc. DO NOT REJECT ANYTHING AS WORTHLESS. WHEN A VAISHNAVA SAY SHIVA DOES NOT HAVE POWER TO GIVE MOKSHA, I AM AGAINST HIM AND HE IS NOT TRUE VAISHNAVA, BUT WHEN A VAISHNAVA SAY I LOVE NARAYANA MORE THAN SHIVA, HE IS A TRUE VAISHNAVA AND SINCE THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN IT I LOVE HIM.

        there is no ‘MY POINT” here. i convey here what our veda says and sanathana dharmam says and kanchi mahaperiyava said. pure shaivam or vaishnavam or not eternal. they are only a temporary path. smartham/veda is the eternal solution to all. i am not saying pure shaivam or vaishnavam are wrong path its a deficient path, i say here they are acceptable to such an extent till they convey the veda meaning. but from that point where its antagonism against other gods starts, then there comes its deficiency. they are are not comprehensive paths. as hindus, we should SINCERELY FOLLOW WHAT VEDAS say , that is my final point.

      • Dear Sakaranarayanan

        I guess you are missing the key point again and again. As per Sri Vainavam – Narayana only is to be worshipped as Para Brahman is the choice. Para Brahman is the the key word. It does not mean not worshiping other Gods. The concept of worship in Sri Vainavam is aimed at liberation and not for other material wishes – that’s another key point. So it is stead fast worship and devotion to the one entity.

        Let us not comment on Acharyas who are great stalwarts. If you don’t like to follow an Acharya, instead of arguing its better choose a different Acharya. If you like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, you are welcome to follow him. That does not mean everybody should be like Ramakrishna or follow him.


        Again you are welcome to be against anybody – which is your choice and decision. Being non-judgemental is a key aspect of devotion.

        //my simple answer is we should follow what rama and krishna did. VAISHNAVAN SHOULD PRAY SHIVA ALSO

        You are welcome to do so. But cannot force others.

        // you can ask me, will i pray allah during ramzan. but we are HINDUS and vaishnavism and shaivism are branches of HINDUISM . that is all.

        Hinduism is NOT a religion. It is a collective name coined by Mughals/British to refer to the people of India. Vainavam, Saivam, Shaktham etc. are the religions and not branches. I am not stating something new here. This is the reality. You can verify this from any history scholar. It was also stated by Kanchi Mahaperiyavar in Deivathin Kural.

        //smartham/veda is the eternal solution to all. i am not saying pure shaivam or vaishnavam are wrong path its a deficient path,

        Thats exactly what I have been saying in all my previous comments. You have already made a choice and decided that Smartham is the way for you and why trying to force it on others. Let us not jump to conclusions that others are deficient – this is what is known as Arrogance and Superiority Complex and NOT AT ALL the mark of true devotion. Only Time and God can judge and NOT you and me.

        You are welcome to follow what you believe but cannot force it on others. Everyone has the right to believe what they want – the key point being one’s belief should not interfere or hinder others.

        You have understood only a part of something and arguing for it. To get all around perspective – Vedas, Vedantham, Agamas, Siddhanthams etc have to be understood to what ever extent possible. Apart from this the differences between Adavaita, Vishistadvaita, Dvaita, Bheda-Abheda, Achinta Bheda Abheda and Saiva Siddhantham expounded by Thirumoolar and Meykandar etc will also be helpful. Knowledge of Alwars and Nayanmars life history and their works will also be helpful. It is a wrong understanding that they are just devotional songs – they are very rich in philosophy and theology. I know that Sankara Mutt does not give importance to Agamas – but Agamas themselves are whole body of texts that deal with Knowledge, Action, Rituals and Liberation though many say that it deals only with rituals. Also the difference between Vedantham and Siddhantham should also be helpful. Though it is difficult to learn completely, at least understanding something about them and appreciating them will help to explore the tip of the ice berg.

      • //smartham/veda is the eternal solution to all.

        Please try convincing a Muslim or Christian. And if you are more interested, there are lot of Christian works that say that all the Vedanthams reflect Christianity. It’s Christianity in disguise and it was only after St.Thomas came to India the concept of one Supreme God came to India. Below are some links from a blog and you are welcome to prove you argument and convincing power here.

  6. dear rajan ramakrishnan, just for explanation i mention dosa and idly. we should not attribute bad things on one god and reject him/her. if we attribute bad thing on a god, then he is not god. Vedas are our pramanam. we all follow Vedas. Vedas contain shiva and vishnu sukthams. it extolls in its suktams that particular god which it praises is parabrahmam. Vedas does not praises indra or varuna, brihaspati as parabrahmam, as far as i know. they are only smaller devathas as you my know. but shiva , vishnu, ambal , subramanya, ganapthy are not like that. if vedas suktam itself prays these gods, we should not discriminate between these gods and reject the prayers on other gods. you can recite repeatedly vishnu suktha, purusha suktha or shree suktha (those u like which are on particular god), but we should also understand there are prayers on other gods also mentioned in it and we should respect other gods. MY POINT IS WE SHOULD NOT SAY ONLY VISHNU OR ONLY SHIVA CAN GIVE SALVATION AND OTHERs CANNOT. if we do like it , this shows our biased mentality. hope u understand.

  7. dear santosh, you are again coming back to the same point where i left and explained.
    1)smartham is not a particular way, it is accepting everything ordained by veda. if veda has a stuthi/uktham on shiva, it has to be recited by EVERYONE coming under that Veda. a vaishnava cannot neglect Rudra and a shivite cannot neglect vishnu suktam. PL UNDERSTAND. veda is final. YOU CANNOT ADOPT A WAY THAT NEGLECT ONE GOD AND REJECT OTHERS.
    2) I clearly said whichever acharya keep one god and reject other gods, he is not true acharya (nothing wrong downgrading other gods). madhvacharya held narayana as supreme. that is not wrong. it is his vision of narayana as supreme. but HE DID NOT REJECT SHIVA. what about the case of RAMANUJA? if he had really not rejected shiva, then ok. But it seems he rejected. santosh, pl understand, ramanuja keeping narayana as highest is accepted, but keeping shiva out of worship is NOT ACCEPTED (not by me, but by veda). VEDAS DID NOT SAY, A PART OF IT IS FOR PARTICULAR WAY OF WORSHIPPERS AND OTHER PART FOR OTHERS. if you are an yejur vedi, you should first read yajur veda , then rig veda, sama and athervana, if you have time. This is the only condition it prescribes. none other with respect to assignment.
    3) i have already explained about lakshmi getting angry, again you are coming to the same point. what is connection between knowing advaita and this. did narasimha murthy not get angry? whoever does not , god will get angry for the sake of protecting sadhus.
    4) pl do not divide hinduism. it is only one religion (may be called for the purpose of identification) VEDA RELIGION. i know what mahaperiyava said. he says, when there was only one religion (veda religion), there is no need for naming it. But when other religion comes, the old religion has to be named. like when there is one ramu in a town, he is simply ramu. But when there are two ramus, we need to call one as nattai ramu and anather kuttai ramu. we (santosh & sankar) were and are not separate. we belong to same religion called VEDA RELIGION. i am not a shivite religion and you not a vaishnavite religion. it is absurd to call such and sin also. YOU AND I HAVE SAME VEDAS. SHIVAS breathe VEDAS, VEDAS born from vishnu, VEDHAS ARE EVERYWHERE and eternal like shiva and vishnu. shiva and vishna do not have father, mother. they were not born. THEY WERE, ARE AND WILL BE THERE. vedas’ words: shiva roopaya vishnavae, vishnu roopaya shivam. SARVAM VISHNU MAYAM JAGATH. SHIVA MAYAM. SHIVA IS NIRGUNA BRAHMAM. VISHNU IS SAGUNA BRAHMAM. VISHNU IS ACTING BRAHMAM AND SHIVA IS THE END. EVERYONE BORN FROM VISHNU AND MERGES WITH SHIVA. Every city, town has shiva temple to this side and vishnu temple the other side. 63 nayanmars and 12 alwars. pl do not divide hinduism.
    5) you have cited a christian site which says our vedanta is from them. christians (some) are hypocrites. they can do anything for money. they get money from other countries, and propogate their religion and convert hindus to christians. It is their duty. Dogs bark, thieves steal, pigs eat feaces, similarly some christians do like this. there are good christians also. every religion has good people and bad people. in one of the previous posts, you would have read rangan1979 comments. they are like poison. simply he says, whoever worships shiva will go to ruin. such is a hatred towards who worship shiva. such is a word from a hypocrite vaishnavite (he is not a true vaishnavite). when our religion is scattered like this and with people who hate others within our hinduism, how can we fight (fighting means establishing our greatness and stopping their proselytizing) against them? we need to get united under one umbrella as vedic religion, rubbishing the differences. I WILL AGAIN SAY, KEEPING A GOD AHEAD OF OTHERS IS NOT WRONG, BUT CRITICIZING OTHER GODS IS WRONG. TELLING THAT OTHER GODS CAN ONLY GIVE MATERIAL BENEFITS AND CANNOT GIVE MOKSHA IS ABSURDITY. i will explain this simply. If you are already a father to a child, when you visit your home after office, assuming your child runs to u and hugs u with kisses and say, appa, i am going to put some costume on you like king, police, or something. will u accept it or not? definitely u accept? it is your child’s happiness which is paramount important to you. similarly, WE TELL OUR FATHER VISHNU, APPA, I AM GOING TO PUT COSTUME ON YOU LIKE SHIVA, KALI, MURUGA, GANAPTHY ETC. WILL HE NOT ACCEPT IT? HE WILL READILY ACCEPT THAT. AND IF WE PRAY AND TELL SLOKAS ON HIM ASSUMING HE IS SHIVA, AMBAL, MURUGUA ETC, HE WILL READILY ACCEPT AND WITH TEARS, WITH TEARS, WITH TEARS ON HIS EYES GIVE IMMEDIATE MOKSHA TO US. how one can say, it is with only chathurbujam with sangam and chkram , god will give moksha. is it not absurdity and biasedness? GOD CAN COME IN ANYFORM AS WE DESIRE TO TAKE US TO HIS VAIKUNTAM OR KAILASAM. IN FACT I WOULD SAY THERE IS NO VAIKUNTAM OR KAILASAM, IT IS ONLY ONE PARABRAHMAM.

  8. Thank you for the engaging exchange of views. But I feel the conversation is continuing endlessly and hence have to close the comments. @Mr. Sankarnarayanan : You are free to express your views, but please don’t force it on others. No one today knows the Vedas completely and without knowing it completely you can’t claim to understand what is says.And I don’t know how you thought yourself so qualified to comment on the great Acharya Swami Ramanuja.

    Sri Vaishnavas do not hate Shiva, they are just committed to Sriman Narayana, the only one who can grant Moksha. Please read Thirumalisai Alwar’s Vaibhavam (elsewhere in the blog) and his work Naanmugan Thiruvandhaadi before commenting again.

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