Life of Swami Ramanuja in Pictures…

I always longed for something like this, Vaishnava stories in pictures. Sriman Narayana had just given that; story of Swamy Ramanuja in pictures. The people at have put up these wonderful images in Picassa Web Albums. The albums can be seen by anybody and Sign in is not require to view the album. Here is the link to the album –

More Sri Vaishnava photos can be found in other Albums of –


5 thoughts on “Life of Swami Ramanuja in Pictures…

  1. adiyen ramanuja dasan,

    wonderful work on Ramanuja’s life

    still more work on all acharyas’ should follow to be able to learn by the generations to come
    wishing success in all your endeavours
    expecting another story of our acharyas at the earliest


    • Swami, the above work was found in the website All credit goes to the people there for the wonderful work. Adiyean is just acting as a pointer to Sri Vaishnava resources on the net.

      Sriman Narayana has been kind enough to bless me with opportunities to serve and be help to adiyars like you.


  2. It would be interesting to know whether the recent movie on Sri Ramanujar
    written by former CM Karunanidhi has covered all episodes about Sri Ramanuja
    Parthasarathy (

    • To be very honest adiyean had watched the Series very sporadically to give a comprehensive review. To start with Adiyean wasn’t to impressed with the casting. From what adiyean heard, earlier it seemed to be very poor, and they have improved it a little these days.

  3. jai srimannarayana! sir !i need108 photos of sri ramanuja swmi”s life history as in srirangam temple.i saw somewere some photos from your how can I get it all .

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