Why is the Lord in different postures? Beautiful article from The Hindu

A really beautiful article from The Hindu about the various postures of Lord in different temples.

If we visit a house, and the lady of the house says that her husband is away, and will be back only the next day, we wait for his return. And since we have to wait a long time, we lie down on the pyol at the entrance to the house. If the man will join us shortly, we sit outside the house, waiting for him to join us. If the man is ready and will be with us in a few minutes, we await him standing.

Just as our posture changes according to the situation, Lord Narayana’s archa from also is seen in different postures in different temples, depending on the circumstances. Lord Srinivasa of Tirumala is seen in a standing posture, because He is not content with the fact that there are reformed souls, whose only thoughts are of Him. He wants to bring under His fold every one of us. Imagine a greedy man who has a sack full of coins. Even if one coin drops out of the sack, he will not go his way, thinking that after all when he has a sack full of coins, a single coin does not matter much. He will stoop to pick up the coin. So also is Lord Srinivasa greedy when it comes to saving us. There may be many who adore Him, but He will not let go those who have not realized the path to salvation.

It is in order to instantly lend a hand to the person who slips from the path of righteousness, and put him back on track, that Lord Srinivasa is in a standing posture in Tirumala.

The complete article can be read here – www.hindu.com/2009/10/19/stories/2009101960191200.htm


11 thoughts on “Why is the Lord in different postures? Beautiful article from The Hindu

  1. This is a beautiful, beautiful article.
    Thanks for posting.
    i used to think of it this way:
    Perumal wanted His eternal devotees to come to Him, so He waited patiently- that is, He lies down.
    When Perumal and Thaayar saw that their devotees were suffering from some plight and not able to approach Them, They sat up just to see the devotees at the doorstep itself.
    And, when He saw that we still didn’t stop being stupid, He chose to stand, and waited, and waits impatiently for us.
    So, let us run to Him, and take shelter of His lotus feet.
    For, none couldn’t be as great as Him- Himself standing, and giving all comforts to His devotees.

  2. Yes, you are so right.
    His benevolance is what mere words will fail to describe. It is he very thread of our existence. Even if we are serving Him, it is but a kind opportunity granted by Perumal.
    There are many examples, but this one came to my mind.
    In Thenthiruperai (a Navathirupathi), Perumal (Maharanedun-g-Kuzhaikaadhar) is a total food lover.
    It is the general practice among the people to offer Him amirdhakalasam, a kind of sweet.
    This used to be made with ghee.
    A poor woman once wanted to make it with hay, but the temple authorities refused, as it ‘could not’ be offered to Perumal.
    She was dejected, and caught in a deep fix, as she had prayed that she would offer the sweet.
    The Lord took pity on her, and, as an acceptance of her loove and devotion, ordered the temple authorities, in their dreams, that from then on, He would accept the sweet only if it was made in hay!
    Such is His greatness. He asks only for our love, and surrender.

  3. Anything about Him is wonderful!

    There’s another incident which once happened to me, which left me touched by the Lord’s benevolence.

    It’s a post on my blog- read it if you have the time.



    It’s in two parts, because i wrote the first post when i was desperately begging Him for help, the next post, written the very next day, was my gratitude on how He had blessed me wonderfully.

    • The Posts were really beautiful. Adiyean has something to say humbly. We needn’t ask Him for any help whatsoever. The reason behind is that, when we ask God for something, he gives us that. But when we surrender and don’t ask anything from him, he feels like –

      This child has surrendered to me and doesn’t ask anything from me. It’s my duty to take care of this child.

      And being the omnipotent God will take beautiful care of us. Who better than Him to take care of us? Moreover He is the only one who knows what we need tomorrow…

  4. Oh! That’s such a beautiful thought.
    i hope i can let that thought of yours define my life.
    And, what you so wonderfully put in words is absolutely true.
    Because, i was just thinking of that recently- i once promised Him that i wouldn’t ask Him for anything, and will let Him rule me.
    And, i found i didn’t need to ask at all.
    But there have been little deviations here and there, when i continue to ask Him for small, kiddish things- a practice ever since i was a kid, something He has been great enough to answer-each and every time.
    The post i linked you to was when it was unable for me to travel to Parthasarathy Temple in Chennai. i live in a totally different place, and it’s a drive away.
    That day, i was crying so badly. And, i couldn’t tell myself that being away from Him, was ‘all for good’. i tried, but it was impossible for me to reason out/find anything good in seperation from Him. i couldn’t say- “am surrendered, so do whatever you want”. All my insignificant mind was capable of was to say-” am surrendered, so will You play with me like this?! Just because You decide everything, You just cannot keep me away from You.”
    Now, i think of it, i feel guilty- but i was in a desperately angry situation. The very fact that He is my everything, and i had given up asking Him for particular things, made me cry. Because, i had been hoping to see Him all day, and when i couldn’t, He (to me it seemed) was using His power over me to keep me seperated, drove me mad. i lost control totally, and fought with Him. i told Him he had nothing to gain from my love, or from my visiting Him, but He had nothing to gain from restricting me either. i guess He understood my state – so the rain stopped momentarily.
    Now, thinking of it, makes me smile- for i was stupid, and He was magnanimous as ever. And, i guess, i have been taking too many liberties with Him, just because He is so nice enough to always be there with us. But i’d die if i cannot talk to Him.
    And, soon, by His grace, we are moving to a house very close to His temple, so i can go to see Him- be it rain, or sunshine.
    i never asked Him for that, He chose to bless us Himself.
    That’s what i meant- i found i didn’t need to ask at all.
    He is always there, taking care of us.

    Perhaps, as You say, ‘surrender’ is not complete unless i stop asking Him for things.
    May He bless my ‘surrender’, and make it complete.
    Thanks for your kind words.
    It was like Perumal chose to speak through you, as i had been thinking about it recently.

    • Adiyean just pray Sriman Narayana that one day let me too be devoted to Him like you. Sriman Narayana has been very kind enough and has made me meet many wonderful bagavathas like you through this blog. Reading your comment, adiyean would like to say something. You had mentioned that

      He had nothing to gain from restricting me either

      but just as we can play with only our closed ones, Sriman Narayana plays with only a privileged few who are close to Him. You can be very contended that Sriman Narayana had chosen to play with you, so you are close to Him.


      • Haiyyo! It is only your humility that makes you speak like that.
        If you are praying to Him to be devoted to Him, where will people like me go?
        i began blogging for His sake only, and have met a lot of devotees.
        It’s been His grace, as your comment earlier was like His words to me.
        i want to be a better devotee than i now am, a better Sri Vaishnava.
        i would want to speak as humbly as you do.
        i would want to learn the divya prabandham, and by His grace, understand the beauty of Alwars’ verses.
        He just began my learning process by making me meet people like you.

      • Sriman Narayana was the one who gave me the will & energy to start this blog. Sriman Narayana has been very blessing and has made me meet wonderful bagavathas through this blog. All credit to Sriman Narayana.


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